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$3 Pink Fridays Launches This Friday with DJ Tony Burns and 80’s Music

(Editor’s Note: Well,  plainly this is EXTREMELY Advertorial since Lobby Bar IS an advertiser AND Mr. Bill Grey created this event and works at Lobby Bar. Still, we have to admit we’d have checked it out regardless just because we love a fruity drink in a bar full of fruits…and, The Stranger does it ALL the time with Cupcake Royale…)

The Lobby Bar launches their new weekly Pink Friday happy hour featuring $3 Pink Drinks and late 80s/early 90s DJ Tony Burns 3pm-9pm.  The soft opening was last week and the pink drinks are a hit.  They taste great and pack a punch.  What better way to get your groove on after a long work week or to pre-funk before dinner and dancing than to enjoy the sounds of the 80s and inexpensive drinks?

DJ Tony Burns is relatively new to the scene. Long before he dropped his first track, Tony Burns has been an animated and vigorous participant within the local dance music scene! For 16 solid years now, he has worn such hats as promoter, dancer, and staunch supporter of the various incarnations of Northwestern club and party life, from Portland to Seattle. Although he began performing out as DJ a mere 2 years ago, he has quickly become a fixture within Seattle’s new renaissance of style-savvy, culture-carving innovators.

“I began experimenting with dj-ing in the privacy and security of home between 2007 – 2009. I’ve only been playing gigs out for the last 2 years. It wasn’t until a few months before my first gig that I really started focusing on the art.” His style, thus far, ranges from pop-nouveau meets dirty electro, to the occasional breaks and everything including the proverbial kitchen sink.

“I feel that a huge part of my current love and drive for dj-ing is this amazing, new resurgence within the Seattle club and bar culture, I feel that I’m not alone when I say that is due, at least in part, to such pivotal club nights as “Hard Times”,”Lezbro”, and “Elektropop”, and such progressive community pillars as “The Pony”, “Re-Bar”,”The Electric Tea Garden”, and “The Baltic Room”. We, as a community are so very fortunate to have them and they continually inspire me.”

Aside from churning the disco butter on many a local dance floor, be sure to catch Tony as he frequently DJ’s at a host of venues near you, including weddings and private events.  So, be warned. His sets will most assuredly turn you on. And they might just turn you out!  If that doesn’t work, the amazing $3 Pink Drinks will!

With names such as Sex in the City and Tequila Queen, these cocktails are extremely creative and for only $3.  The creators of Pink Friday Happy Hour made it clear that the ultimate goal of this weekly event is to bring the community together.  That being said, Pink Friday is looking for community groups who want to organize fundraising happy hours.  Martinis & Manicures and Gong Karaoke are a few fundraising events on the horizon.



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