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Burning Man Comes Early This Year…Tonight!

It's on tonight!

I’m so excited for tonight at The Eagle. Honestly, I’ve never been to Burning Man, nor do I know all that much about it besides the obvious. I wanted to do this theme though so I handed over the night to one our local Camp Conception, and boy have they really run with the idea! The high desert playa of Black Rock City has hosted Burning Man for two decades, since moving its freak flag from Baker Beach in San Francisco in 1991. Since then, the playa has been host to innumerable parties, music events, fashion, trips and shenanigans. Fringe in cooperation with Burning Man Camp Conception will bring a little piece of that to the Eagle this March. Music, lights, art and outfits inspired by the event, some still dusty. And with a heaping load of playa sexy.

Photographer Val Mohney

Conception has completely transformed The Eagle with their camp decor, revamped the sound system for some truly deep dancing vibes, filled the DJ booth with the amazingly talented Robby Clark, Mz Art Iz, Spaceotter and Neural Net, Val Mohney will be setting up an amazing photobooth outside, Mr. Fu will be body painting by the front door (clothes check available), AND we’ve even brought in the return of Alisha Mahone and her magical face painting all the way from Hawaii.

Mr. Fu

Camp Conception will be selling Jello shots for $3 a pop, make sure to grab one or ten or twenty because all the funds from these sales go straight to sponsoring their camp this year.

This is a night you don’t want to miss, as we take all the Eagle and Fringe sexiness and really shake it up to a new level.

Party kicks off at 10pm tonight and goes until as late as 4am, and will cost you just a measly fiver at the door, here’s the DJ schedule as well-

10:00-11:15 Mz Art Iz
11:15-12:30 Robby Clark
12:30-1:45 spaceotter
1:45-3:00 Neural Net
3-? special bonus round TBD

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