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Why Not Pantless, Joe?

April 22, 2012 Comments Off on PODCAST! “If you can take a dick, you can take a joke…” Views: 1669 Celebrityville, Media, Podcast, Podcasts

PODCAST! “If you can take a dick, you can take a joke…”

Tony Tripoli and Mike Gillerman bein' all cute and funny...

Sometimes, this job really is FAR too much fun. Especially on days like yesterday when we get to sit down and chat with amazingly funny (and frankly ADORABLE!) people like Tony Tripoli and Mike Gillerman. Mr. Strangeways posted yesterday about their show at the Rendezvous this weekend.

As is our usual style, we won’t bore our readers/listeners with something so banal as an “interview”, we get straight into talking about comedy, the things we obsess about, Homophobia in Hollywood, and our collective love for Dina Martina and Chris Hardwick (seriously, when have THOSE two been in the same sentence?) We get WAY politically incorrect, so put away your liberal white guilt and enjoy! Oh, and listen for some SERIOUSLY funny gossip about one Miss Jiggly Caliente!

You can find Mike Gillerman on his website at and on Twitter @moishendlishus

and you can find Tony Tripoli on his website at  and on Twitter  @TonyTripoli – also check out his podcast THE COMEDY COUCH on iTunes!

You still have time to get tickets for their Sunday night show at The Rendezvous from BrownPaper Tickets. Go see them!

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This episode brought to you, in part, by the HIV Vaccine Trials, and Fred Hutchinson.

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