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April 10, 2012 Comments Off on RPDR Fans: Make YOUR voice heard and VOTE…for Miss Congeniality Views: 1958 Arts & Entertainment, Drag, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4

RPDR Fans: Make YOUR voice heard and VOTE…for Miss Congeniality

She Who Should Be Queen: Sharon Needles. Styled by Judson Harmon of ODD and photographed by David Phelps, with wigs provided by Wigbar, NYC.

Some good news…for EVERYONE! For fans of Season Four of Logo’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” it’s getting down to the wire with only three contestants remaining: Chad Michaels, (YAY!); Sharon Needles, (DOUBLE YAY!!!!); and the gawdawfully whiny, bitchy, self-absorbed, talent-free queen known as Phi Phi O’Hara, (UN-YAY…) The stakes are high as we head into next week’s boring recap episode, followed by the finale on Monday, April 23rd, and the reunion show on April 30th. May the Best Woman – Who’s Not Phi Phi O’Hara – WIN!

(And, the good news for our readers who don’t care for “RPDR” or our non-stop coverage of it: Your 4 month long nightmare is nearly OVER! YAY for your poor, benighted souls!!!!!)

It also means it’s time for “RPDR” fans to get a chance to make our voices heard. We don’t get to pick the winner; RuPaul herself does that every year…and frankly, her batting average is sort of terrible. Season One’s BeBe Zahara Benet was a sweet, but dull cough drop who we suspect RuPaul chose because she’s an African immigrant and an inspirational figure. Season Two’s winner was the gorgeous to look at, but utterly vapid Tyra Sanchez…essentially a young RuPaul but without any talent other than looking pretty. Miss Charles redeemed herself a wee bit with last year’s winner Raja, who had plenty of Charisma, Uniqueness, and Beauty but her talent was really more Fashion based than Performance based. Frankly, Manila Luzon seemed to be the better choice.

So, while we apparently have no say in the ultimate winner, the fans do get the opportunity to vote for Miss Congeniality, a consolation prize created in the Second Season which was probably created to appease the devoted fans of beloved contestant Pandora Boxx who’s elimination stunned and irritated thousands of “Drag Race” aficionados. Last year’s winner was the popular Puerto Rican spitfire, Yara Sofia and while the prize for Miss Congeniality is pretty pathetic; usually a cheezy trip from Al & Chuck, at least it’s a way to acknowledge the popular, edgy queens that RuPaul seems to despise.

The reunion show for Season Four of “RPDR” is happening on April 25, 2012, (which is only a few days before the telecast and as I have surmised before, this could be a way to prevent the name of the actual winner from leaking early, as it has happened in every other season…). The polls are now open over at to vote for this year’s Miss Congeniality and you have TWO weeks to vote for your favorite queen; the voting ends on April 24, 2012. And, oddly enough, it let me vote TWICE in a row; usually these things are designed so you can only vote once a day from your IP address…which seems to be a bit odd and prone to potential for vote tampering but Logo is kinda cheap and probably not willing to shell out for any fancier technology…so go vote eleventy million times in a row for Sharon Needles on the chance that RuPaul will make another stupid decision and pick the awful Phi Phi O’Hara.

And, has anyone else noticed that the first two winners of “RPDR” don’t seem to get booked much? Raja doesn’t seem to work a lot either, but she does have a day job as a successful make-up artist. The runner ups and popular girls seem to get booked a lot more than RuPaul’s alleged fierce winners. If, god of your choice forbid, Phi Phi were to win, who the fuck is going to book her? She’s REALLY disliked….a lot.



Photo via World of Wonder and ODD


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