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November 16, 2012 Comments Off on The Eagle Gets Slap Happy with Justin Collins Views: 1523 Nightlife, We Love The Nightlife

The Eagle Gets Slap Happy with Justin Collins

Get gay married! Then let a night at The Eagle lead to your gay divorce!

It’s good to be queer, gay, in the middle or a lover of both in Seattle, especially on nights like tonight with so many options around town, whether you’re looking for the craziness of a house party, an awesome queer concert benefit or many other offerings Capitol Hill has for you. If you’re into deep dancing in dark corners, some non-pretentious fun and slap happy good times with some down-south men and the ladies that keep up with em’ shot for shot, shine up your boots and head down to The Eagle tonight for Dickslap, a once a month affair thrown by Nark Magazine on the third Friday of each month, coming up on it’s 2nd year anniversary!

Resident tunester and party thrower Nark saves up some of his finest records for these Eagle nights, and tonight will be joined tonight by Justin Collins (pictured below), Justin is straight but he keeps saying he will show up in a jockstrap tonight, hmmmm, do we believe him? Either way, go show him a good time and save a dance for him, alright?


Come down, get loose, pet the go-go boys, deep throat some Jello shot syringes and have a good time tonight.

Dickslap at The Eagle
$5 Cover

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