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So Many Opps To Ogle The Men Of Boylesque…In Seattle AND NYC

We LOVE the Evil Hate Monkey...Check him out at "Kings: A Boylesque Extrvaganza" at The Triple Door.

We LOVE the Evil Hate Monkey…Check him out at “Kings: A Boylesque Extrvaganza” at The Triple Door.

We love Boylesque performers.

What’s not to love? Sexy, lithe, trained artistes who combine dance, acrobatics, and comedy and usually do so wearing very little clothing.

And, they are MEN! With muscles, body hair and WIENERS!


(Note: We also love the women of burlesque…and, while they frequently and confusingly make our privy member twitch with their eroticism and artistry, the men of boylesque always bring home the bacon…so to speak.)

There are TWO big Boylesque events coming up, one of them in Seattle, and the other…well, with the other you’ll need to use up some Frequent Flyer Miles.

First up, a delicious show and fundraiser called “Kings: A Boylesque Extravaganza” happening at The Triple Door on Wednesday, March 27th at 8pm. The event is a fundraiser for a new film project from Deirdre Allen Timmons who directed the burlesque documentary “A Wink and a Smile” a couple years back and she will be filming the Kings event for the new film, which is described as “a madcap musical comedy about six boylesque performers competing to become the world’s next king of boylesque.”

“Kings” is hosted by British performer Mat Fraser and feature boylesque talent from around the world including Australia’s “Captain Kidd”, NYC’s “The Evil Hate Monkey”, Chicago’s “Stage Door Johnnies” and Seattle’s own Waxie Moon.

That’s a lot of talented manflesh on one stage…it should be checked out. And, we can’t wait to see the movie.

ADDED NOTE: Only tix left are STANDING ROOM ONLY!!! They should add a second show!!!!

Several of the “Kings” performers will also jet off to the wilds of New York City for the annual “New York Boylesque Festival” on April 26 & 27, produced by Thirsty Girl and Daniel Nardicio. It’s two nights of the best of world class boylesque, with the preview being held at Brooklyn’s Public Assembly and the big Saturday night show at The Gramercy in Manhattan. Several Seattle stars will be attending including Waxie Moon, Trojan Original, Paris Original and The Luminous Pariah and they will join Tigger!, Hot Toddy, Brewster, Mr. Gorgeous, Tony Appollo and other boylesque superstars for the two day event.

Looking over their photos, all those out of town stars need to be coming to Seattle. Can’t Seattle support “The Seattle Boylesque Festival”? We are, after all, one of the main centers for the rebirth of the New Burlesque Movement.

Also…while these artists ARE very erotic, please also take the time to enjoy the artistry of their performances.

In between plotting how to make “The Evil Hate Monkey” your future husband.

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