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Somethin’ Smells Fishy At Re-bar…Brown Derby Fillets “Little Mermaid”

Emo and homoerotic images of "The Little Mermaid" are VERY popular on the Intertubes...

Emo and homoerotic images of “The Little Mermaid” are VERY popular on the Intertubes…

Ian Bell and his Brown Derby Players are back at Re-bar with a new season of satirical takes on your favorite films. This year’s theme is apparently “Sink or Swim” and they’re kicking it off Thursday through Saturday, March 21-23 at Re-bar with doors opening at 7pm and show at 8pm. There’s no advance purchase; it’s $18 CASH at the door, day of show…get there promptly if you want a good seat. Brown Derby shows tend to sell out!

The season opener is a beloved Disney classic…“The Little Mermaid”, the sweet tale of the mermaid who wants to disfigure herself so she can trap herself a man. That’s a positive role model for our daughters!!! It stars many of the frequent Brown Derby regulars: Andrew Tasakos, Brandon Whitehead, David Gehrman Evan Mosher, Freddy Molitch, Joe Randazzo, Scott Shoemaker and Todd Hull. We’re guessing that Mr. Tasakos is playing Ariel and Mr. Whitehead is playing Ursula the Sea Witch, but that’s only a guess…and we’ve seen reports that Mr. Shoemaker is playing that singing crab thing, but the only way to find out, is to go check out this comedic travesty.

We’ve also heard rumors that “Splash” is in the pipeline and maybe even a reprise of “The Poseidon Adventure” for future installments of the season, but we’d really like to see the Don Knotts movie, “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” so they can import Alyssa Edwards from this season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to play Don Knotts, ’cause she looks JUST like a drag version of the beloved character actor…

UPDATE: We have a cast list! Mr. Whitehead is playing King Triton and the lovely Freddy Molitch is playing Ursula!!

Andrew Tasakos as Ariel – The Little Mermaid (Disclaimer: Mr. Tasakos is 30 years older than the character he is playing and is not a strong swimmer).

Brandon Whitehead as King Triton – her father

David Gehrman as Prince Eric – her love

Evan Mosher as Flounder – her buddy

Freddy Molitch as Ursula – the Sea Witch

Joe Randazzo as Grimsby  – Eric’s Man-Servant

Scott Shoemaker as Sebastian – King Triton’s Crab Servant

Todd Hull as Scuttle – a dirty seagull

With technical design by Amanda Potter!

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