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Your Weekly Jinkx Report…And, A Wee Bit Of Bitching About Season 5

Art: Chad Sell

Art: Chad Sell

To be honest, we LOVE Jinkx Monsoon and want her to win “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season Five…and, frankly think she will, but it’s also that time of year where we start to O.D. on reporting about RPDR. It’s wearisome. And, also made more difficult by the fact that we really didn’t care that much for this season. Frankly, I would have stopped watching if it hadn’t been for Our Jinkxy Poo. I don’t think the season was well cast…a lot of dreary driftwood and the whole “Freaks vs Pageant Girls” story line was a flop. Roxxxy and Coco were toxic and Alaska and Detox were a bit of a disappointment. Alaska floundered in the shadow of Sharon, (and, we’re annoyed at people carping at Jinkx’s supposed “defensive posture” when Alaska spent the whole season whining about her insecurity.) And, Detox sort of coasted through much of the season before finally figuring out she needed to get competitive at the end, when it was too late.

As for the bullying charges against Roxxxy and the subsequent cries of support from her sisters (including Jinkx herself) that it wasn’t really as awful as portrayed and the blame, as always, is placed on the editing of the show. While it’s true that editing can severely alter how a character and story line are presented, it’s also a bit disingenuous to lay too much blame on it. After all, if a reality show contestant lets the shit fly out of their mouth consistently over the course of a season, and canny producers and editors pick up on it, they’re going to turn it into an appropriate through line for the season. In a nutshell, if you don’t want to be portrayed as a villain, then be careful what you say and do on a reality tv show. If your goal is to BE a villain, because you want the attention, that’s fine but don’t come whining to the press and social media when you are vilified by fans and don’t get the $$$ appearance fees that the popular girls get. Phi Phi O’hara , WHO?

Also, a note to World of Wonder/Logo: Too much crying, and wailing, and weeping, and surprise video appearances from long lost relatives. Genuine emotion is terrific, but constant manufactured and over-produced emotion is gross. Also, why are we harping on how AWFUL gay people have it as youth? Not every fucking queer person on the planet has a sob story childhood…why emphasize the negative stories? Drag Race and Untucked don’t need to be fucking soap operas…emphasize the FUN!

(Also/Also: Dump Santino. He’s served his purpose and it’s time to get a new judge. He’s not offering that much to the discussion. )

All that being said, we have a job to do. Ms Monsoon and the other mouthy ‘hos from Season Five will be descending on Hollywood tomorrow to film the finale/reunion/crowning which will air next Monday. If you’re lucky enough to get to go to the live taping, we’re pretty sure that they’ll do the exact same thing they did last year and film all three finalists getting the crown, then edit it later for the final telecast on Logo. NO LEAKS!

But, if Jinkx doesn’t win, there will be rioting in the streets…won’t somebody help us? (Clunky Culture Club song reference…)

In other Jinkx news, she’s said recently that while she loves the theater, her heart is in drag and she’s going to be focusing on that for awhile. And, why not? She’s gonna be racking up big appearance fees for the next year. Also pretty sure she’ll be sneaking in some legit theater stuff, too. Miss Monsoon/Mr. Hoffer already has a gig at the 5th Avenue/Seattle Men’s Choir for the big “Hairspray” concert in June,  plus a week’s worth of gigs in the guise of her duo stage persona as “The Vaudvillians” at an off-Broadway venue in July. Girl ain’t dumb and she’ll be pursuing EVERY opportunity.

Some other news today. Jinkx and Alaska and Honey Mahogany will all be headlining Nark Magazine’s “Gender Blender” event happening Pride Friday, June 28th at Neighbours. It’s all part of a big weekend package that includes a cruise and the Queer Carnival at Fred Wildlife Refuge with special guest Ivy Winters. Individual tickets are on sale now for all three events AND the VIP Weekend Pass which grants you access to all 3 events plus a VIP meet/greet with Jinkx and Company on Friday night. Normal price is $110 plus tax & fees for the pass, but for a limited time you can buy it for 20% off by using the code MONSOONSEASON when you check out. Go here to buy your pass or tickets.


PS…you also know she has merch for sale, right?

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