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“Come Out Laughing” Comedy Tour Returns To TOJ

June 24, 2013 Comments Off on Getting Funny With Pride: Comedy Options Get A Bit Queer This Week Views: 1615 Comedy

Getting Funny With Pride: Comedy Options Get A Bit Queer This Week

Solomon Georgio headlines the "Out & In: A Comedy Showcase" at The Neptune on Tuesday, June 25. It's FREE!!!

Solomon Georgio headlines the “Out & In: A Comedy Showcase” at The Neptune on Tuesday, June 25. It’s FREE!!!

Nothing makes us more Pridey than a chance to laugh our ass off. There’s a couple Funny options happening this week as we march up to the Weekend and 72 hours of non-stop partying. First up: COLLIDE-O-SCOPE is offering up a Very Special Pride Episode, tonight, Monday, June 24 at Re-bar. Michael & Shane, the evil masterminds behind the twice a month video hijinks show have managed to find all sorts of naughty vintage clips expressing all manners of pride…and prejudice. You WILL laugh your pants off as you guzzle cheap beer and chewy popcorn & Red Vines. The orgy of video excess starts with the pre-show at 7pm and the Main Event at 8pm…but, come at 7pm ’cause the pre-show has all sorts of goodies in it as well. (AND, if you bring a blank t-shirt, you can get a ‘Scope logo screened on it! Sweet!)

There’s more obvious comedy at OUT & IN: A COMEDY SHOWCASE happening Tuesday, June 25 at The Neptune in the U District. Presented by Seattle Theatre Group as part of their “Nights at the Neptune” series, this FREE event features a buttload of queer and allied comedians including Billy Anderson, Solomon Georgio, Leah Mansfield, Derek Sheen, Rick Taylor, Jeffrey Robert, Abbey Drake, Emmett Montgomery and Nick Sahoyah.

(And, we have a podcast coming with the adorable Mr. Sahoyah coming up…stay tuned. We dish about the queer comedy scene in Seattle and Nicks’s collaboration with a certain Jinkx on their hit Funny or Die webseries, “Monsoon Season” ….)

The doors for OUT & IN open at 7pm; show at 8pm. Show is recommended for ages 13+ due to (im)mature content. There is booze available for the 21+ crowd. Presented is association with Gay City Health Project.

Those are the two INTENTIONALLY funny events for Pride Week…we’re pretty sure there will be at least a couple unintentional “funny” moments as well…

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