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Need A Road Trip? Yearning To Express Your Pride? Portland Is The Place You Oughta Be!

We have a sneaky suspicion Mr.Kauer designed this's VERY Narky...

We have a sneaky suspicion Mr.Kauer designed this poster…it’s VERY Narky…

THANKFULLY, Seattle has a couple more weeks to go before Pride Weekend Madness strikes, (so much to do…so little time…) but if you’re just ITCHIN’ to get out of town and you’re just SCRATCHIN’ to get all Pridey right now, then you can load up the Prius or grab the train and head down to Portland, because our stinky, bike riding, put a bird on it friends to the south are celebrating the joy of same sexedness this weekend, with a buttload of events, parades, and visiting drag superstars.

On Saturday, there’s “The Big Gay Party at The Crystal Ballroom” which is being produced by Seattle’s own Hot Flash Dances with special guest, Vicci Martinez and offers the Lady Loving Ladies of Portland to get down. The Poo:

Saturday, June 15, 2013
6 to 10pm
The Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside St., Portland 97209

Hot Flash is turning up the heat this year with an incredible lineup at THE BIG GAY PRIDE PARTY! We’ve moved to the Crystal Ballroom to have room for everyone. Who doesn’t love dancin’ it up on their bouncy floor!

To make the evening even better, we’ve booked VICCI MARTINEZ to perform for everyone. Vicci is a finalist from season one of NBC’s The Voice. She will be performing songs from her self titled debut album which includes the hit single “Come Along”.

In addition we’re bringing back some of our favorite performers from last year –
Portland Drag King EMILIO with the premiere of Drag Queen KAILEENA,
the ever-popular SINDEL STARR,
KIMIKAZE (Fan Dancer) and the

For more info and tickets, go here….and, following this show, “Gaylabration” takes over the Crystal stage; it benefits Pride NW who put on Portland’s official pride parade/festival.

For the gents and ladies who enjoy ogling naked men, the much more enlightened folks of Portland allow FULL frontal strippers/nudity (No Touching!) and there’s an event just for all of us filth mongers: The 3rd Annual Mr. Nude Portland Pageant at Embers. If you keen for the days when Seattle also had a Mr. Nude Seattle pageant, then you’ll enjoy the prospect of skinny, nekkid Portlandia studs strutting their stuff.

And, unlike Seattle’s PrideFest, the Portland festival is a two day affair, Saturday and Sunday at Tom McCall Park on the waterfront. Check out the full line-up for both days over HERE, but the big headliners, Andy Bell from Erasure and God-Dess and She are performing on Sunday…and, God-Dess and She are also starring at Seattle PrideFest so you don’t have to schlep two and a half hours to see them if you can wait two weeks.

The Portland Pride Parade is happening Sunday, June 16. Click here for those deets.

For Latrice Royale fans, there’s also a lovely cruise option happening on Sunday afternoon…what could be more fun than cruising the Willamette with drag royalty and hordes of drunken twerkin’ twinks? SQUEE! Go here to get tickets/info.

If you’re still in the mood for RPDR stars, then on Sunday evening you can head to Branx for GOSPEL with Season 5 runner up Alaska Thunderfuck as the main attraction…but, she’s also coming to Seattle for GENDER BLENDER on Friday, June 28 at Neighbours so keep that in mind, too…and, Seattle’s own Bottom Forty dj collective will be on hand as well including Nark and Pavone. FUN!

There are undoubtedly hundreds more drunken events happening during Portland Pride Weekend, but since this site isn’t called “Portland Gay Scene”, we’re out of here…but, if you do traipse down to PDX, please play safely. We don’t want to report on any dead Seattlites found floating in the river, or wrapped around a telephone pole next Monday morning…

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