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Fasten Seat Belts…Pride Weekend 2013 Starts…NOW! (Meaning Thursday…)

June 21, 2013 Comments Off on So. Many. Damn. Fun. Options. Tonight…Dickslap / Waxie / Raja / Underpants Views: 1999 Stuff to Do

So. Many. Damn. Fun. Options. Tonight…Dickslap / Waxie / Raja / Underpants

Raja is hosting "The New Legally Wed Game" at the W Hotel tonight, June 21. Wonder where she'll party at AFTER she's done with hosting chores?

Raja is hosting “The New Legally Wed Game” at the W Hotel tonight, June 21. Wonder where she’ll party at AFTER she’s done with hosting chores?


Apparently, mothertruckin’ Gay Pride is starting TONIGHT, Friday, June 21 because there is a whole lotta shit going on, all OVER the place!

We’re TIRED, just thinkin’ about it!

Gird your loins, bitchez…it’s gonna be a looooooong 10 days.

First up, “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel” is back at Central Cinema for its monthly showing…the locally made queer film is apparently now a CULT thing, so you’d best jump on board while the going is good, before they start putting on robes and drinking the Kool-Aid…but, knowing Mx Waxie and Company, the robes are see through and covered in rhinestones, and the Kool-Aid is spiked with Stoli and not cyanide…It’s a rare Friday screening for the Wes Hurley directed film, and you can squeeze in the delightful hijinks before hittin’ the clerbs.

If you’ve already seen the Moon movie, and you enjoy playing games with fashionista winners of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, then head down to the clexy W Hotel this evening for “The New Legally Wed Game”, a super fun event whipped together by One Degree/Seattle PrideFest to prime the pump for next weekend’s non-stop par-tay. It’s a cute idea…actual newlywed same sex couples will compete in the classic format of the beloved old TV gameshow, “The Newlywed Game” in a chance to win fabulous prizes. AND, it’s being hosted by RAJA, the sceniest queen in the history of “Drag Race”. It should be a scream.

For those of you who enjoy jocks in skimpy underpants, then head to R Place for their annual benefit for Seattle Frontrunners and their Run/Walk With Pride event which happens Sunday, June 23 at Seward Park. It’s a fundraiser that puts the fun where it counts…in the tighty whities of the hot men wearing skimpy panties. Here’s some more poo:

READY? SET! GO to this special fundraiser of the 30th Annual Run and Walk with Pride presented by the Seattle Frontrunners Rwwp. We have an exquisite line up of amazing men ready for great fun and showmanship in celebration of fitness, athleticism, community, service, striking beauty and more! Sponsored by underU4men and RPlace benefiting SASG (Seattle Area Support Groups and Community Center) and Social Outreach Seattle. ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE at underU4men for $10 $15 at door.

For even LATER, dirty fun, head to The Seattle Eagle for the monthly event, DICKSLAP, Nark Magazine’s ridiculously popular party that always features lots of dirty clean fun involving hot music, go go’s, booze, and sweaty men trying to get their dicks slapped. DJ Riz Rollins is making his Eagle premiere, and the suddenly hot Cherry Markos is the hostess. AND, we’ve been told there will be a VERY special guest popping in later in the evening, no doubt looking stunning and fashionable. And, Mr. Nark just texted me that he’ll been giving away TWO tickets to his Pride cruise party event, “Men At Sea”, happening next Saturday, June 29. It’s a drunken fun time with hostess Robbie Turner and a boat/butt load of sexy people.

For more options, including the terrific “Hairspray in Concert” show at the 5th Avenue, go check out the NEWLY updated SGS Calendar…AND, you can find all these events and many, many more on our BRAND NEW APP, “SGS On The Go Go” which is available for those Apple phone things and those other phone thingys as well…it’s so convenient when you’re out and about and looking for info on that night’s events. 

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