Q Quickly Turns To The Hetero Side After Ownership/Staff...

Early Sunday Morning Brawl Outside Q

August 6, 2013 Comments Off on News! Views: 1522 News


stoli_patsyPatsy stands by Stoli.

Good Morning, starshines! Here’s what’s poppin’ today…

Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post… can people even do that? 

Oh, Yemen… are you next? 

Marriage Equality is getting sorted, but Divorce Equality is still a mess…

92 Year Old Prince Philip is headed back to work… at this point, I think he could easily relax on a beach and no one would judge him.

Russia’s fucked, but dumping Stoli isn’t the answer, kids…

Ben Whishaw, of Skyfall fame, is gay apparently. Welcome Ben!


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