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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Stoli Guy?

That's a lot of branding. Saturday, May 24, 2014 - Photos by: Frankie Sanchez Time of Your Life: MATINEE LAS VEGAS at Rumor Boutique Hotel

That’s a lot of branding.
Saturday, May 24, 2014 – Photos by: Frankie Sanchez
Time of Your Life: MATINEE LAS VEGAS at Rumor Boutique Hotel


After last year’s call to boycott Stoli Vodka from some well-meaning but show boaty gay folks that was somehow supposed to magically force the Evil Putin Regime to stop treating Russian queer people like crap, (despite the fact the Stoli vodka we drink in the US doesn’t have much of anything to do with actual Russians and would have next to no affect on the shithound Putin), some gay folks jumped on the “Dump Stoli” bandwagon which ultimately hurt a company that is VERY gay friendly and has donated MILLIONS of dollars to gay causes over the years. (And, despite Seattle being such a liberal haven, we think only two local gay bars gave up Stoli…) Even though most liberals make fun of CONSERVATIVES jumping on such dumb bandwagons, (are you old enough to remember American Patriots insistence we start calling French Fries, “Freedom” Fries because the French were perceived to be soft on one of the various Gulf Wars?) some folks got in a dither, which hurt Stoli’s reputation. For no good reason.

(For the record, we love and support our queer brothers/sisters in Russia. We just don’t think boycotting a vodka not made in Russia with a corporate parent in Luxembourg is really going to help them much. If you want more info on Russian Queer Rights and how you can help, go to the Russian Freedom Fund.)

So, Stoli teamed up with GayCities last summer and they put on a huge P.R. event, the “Stoli Guy” pageant which was essentially a “talent” show for hot guys where they competed to win some lovely prizes and a trip to NYC. They didn’t do it in Seattle last year; don’t know if it was due to Seattle being seen as a hot bed of liberal outrage; after all,  our own Mr. Dan Savage was very pro-boycott.  Regardless, Seattle missed out on the “Stoli Guy” experience.

This year, they found someone willing to promote it in Seattle…uh, us! Seattle Gay Scene is the media sponsor for the Seattle portion of the nationwide event which will involve 12 cities/contests and the ultimate “crowning” of the winner and awarding of the $10k Grand Prize in New York City, this fall. We do NOT have a date/venue for Seattle…it’s coming soon and will be in July/August. (And, I already told them to avoid Capitol Hill Block Party Weekend and SeaFair because all smart homospecial people leave town…)

In the meantime, we are looking for a few good, talented MEN, (sorry ladies…) to compete in Seattle in the three categories: Talent, Modeling, and “Interactive”. (We do NOT know what that means!) The photos from last year all seemed to indicate the contestants tended to be “conventional hotties” but we’re hoping beardy, tatted, pierced Seattle dudes will sign up as well, to sing/dance/juggle your way into Gay Cities/Stolichnaya’s hearts.

Apply HERE to be a contestant or go click that zexy ad over to your right.

Here’s the Press Release with more info.

GayCities and Stolichnaya® Vodka Join Forces to Launch

Popular competition features 12 events nationwide and a $10,000 grand prize

San Francisco, CA, June 6, 2014 — GayCities, Inc., the world’s most popular LGBT

community city guide, announced that it is partnering with Stolichnaya® Vodka for the

second annual “Stoli Guy” nationwide competition []

Applicants may apply online at for a chance to take the stage and

showcase what makes them original and authentic at official Stoli Guy events in 12 U.S.

cities. Lucky contestants in each city will be invited to compete in three categories: talent,

modeling and a new interactive challenge.

Finalists selected at the local events will be flown to New York City to compete for the

coveted title, where a celebrity judging panel will determine the winner based on each

contestant’s talent, personality and online popularity. This year’s contestants will be

outfitted by menswear designer Andrew Christian, and the winner will be presented with a

$10,000 check from GayCities.

“After last year’s widely successful competition, Stoli Vodka is once again proud to partner

with GayCities for this exciting national program. We remain committed to working with

key partners in the LGBT community to identify authentic and original programs that

celebrate and support LGBT pride,” said Sarah Gorvitz, Brand Director, Stoli Group USA.

This year’s program adds Seattle to the event series schedule that includes: New York

City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, Dallas,

Boston, Philadelphia, San Diego and Denver.

“GayCities is looking forward to reprising our fun, multi-platform Stoli Guy program and

connecting Stoli with gay consumers in some of our biggest cities,” said Scott Gatz, CEO

of GayCities.

Notable past Stoli Guy finalists include: Broadway dancers, Cirque du Soleil acrobats,

singers, musicians and professional models. With the new cash prize, Stoli® Vodka and

GayCities are raising the stakes by also encouraging gymnasts, martial artists and other

athletes to take the stage and partake in the Stoli Guy experience.

This year, media partners include: Chicago’s Windy City Media Group, San Francisco’s

Gloss Magazine, Seattle Gay Scene, Florida’s Mark’s List, New York’s Next Magazine,

Edge Boston, and SDPix in San Diego.

To be considered for Stoli Guy 2014, apply online today at

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