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Christeene Is Set To Return To Chop Suey…And, Some Folks Are Having A Hissy

"Drag Terrorist" Christeene is set to return to Seattle's Chop Suey in October but some activists aren't happy about it.

“Drag Terrorist” Christeene is set to return to Seattle’s Chop Suey in October but some activists aren’t happy about it.

SOME folks are thrilled about the announcement that CHRISTEENE, the Austin Texas best self proclaimed “drag terrorist” and performance artist is embarking on a tour this fall which includes several West Coast stops, one of them being at our own Chop Suey on October 9th. The “America’s Most Wanted” Tour kicks off on September 30th, in Minneapolis, and will feature several appearances where Christeene will open for beloved alternative music star PEACHES. Other stops for Christeene include the Oasis in San Francisco and Euphoria in Portland Oregon.

Christeene is the ragged, haggard on stage persona of artist Paul Soileau who has won fans worldwide for Christeene’s larger/skeezier than life personality that deliberately comments on identities of sexuality, gender, race and socio-economic stratas of society.

But, not everyone is a fan.

Within hours of the Facebook invite for the Christeene show at Chop Suey being posted, an angry thread appeared condemning the performer, the gig and the venue.


That was the opening salvo in a war of words between organizers/fans of Christeene and the gig and those who feel less kindly about the performer who is accused of transphobia and racism. (As well as referencing the objection to Chop Suey’s name; some activists oppose the name for objectifying Asians and cultural appropriation.) Another comment on the thread:

Seriously. Fuck this show and fuck CHRISTEENE’s unimaginative, “shocking” performance built on the backs of trans women of color and the stereotypes that get them murdered.

The thread continues with similar accusations as well as defense of Christeene as a performance artist.

The October 9th Christeene appearance is being billed as FIX MY DICK a queer dance party with DJ Matt Stands and Mr. Sister. It’s a co-production between Bearracuda, the popular bear themed dance party, and Mo Wave, the Seattle queer arts festival who are currently putting together their next festival scheduled for November 13 & 14 at Chop Suey.

We’ve reached out to both Bearracuda and Mo Wave for comment.

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