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April 23, 2014 Comments Off on Terrible News! Jordan O’Jordan is leaving Seattle! Views: 1403 All Ages Events, Arts & Entertainment, Concerts, Music

Terrible News! Jordan O’Jordan is leaving Seattle!

Terrible news! OMG 24/7 WTF!

Jordan O’ Jordan is moving away from Seattle. This local homosexual, scientist and banjo player has entertained us for years with his enchanting voice, technical heartfelt banjo skills, and his witty charming storytelling. I once heard him sing I dreamed a dream from Les Mis over the telephone and I creamed my fucking pants.

Local homosexual and banjo player

Local homosexual and banjo player

THIS IS TERRIBLE NEWS FOR SEATTLE. First, we got a gay mayor that is just not flaming, fabulous, or even fun, then we’ve lost bus funding, now this! Grandpa needs a valium.

Jordan will be having a going away show on May 1st at Gallery 1412 and I expect every single homosexual in Seattle to attend. Smoke marijuana and give each other hand jobs in the streets. Celebrate this homosexual and all of his fantastic contributions to the Seattle Queer Scene.

He will be riding his bike to Ohio.  And ya know what, it’s not even his usual bike, because some asshole stole his bike last week!

So for the love of everything homosexual, Jordan O’Jordan presents:

One night only: a one-man musical by Jordan O’Jordan

Thursday, May 1st
Gallery 1412
1412 18th Ave
Seattle, Wa

The show will run roughly one hour and will start promptly at 8 pm. $5

See you there!

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