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“Timberline Revisited” Was A Smash Success


Disco Ball Skyline in the Denny Triangle at TIMBERLINE REVISITED!!! Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Welcome to the Pleasure Dome! Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Purple Haze… Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


This past Sunday, June 1st was a gorgy day to kick off Seattle’s Pride Month festivities. The Pride Flag was raised over Seattle City Hall but the far more popular event was the rebirth of beloved Seattle gay bar, THE TIMBERLINE back in its original location at 2015 Boren Avenue just off Denny Way, now the home to Cornish College for the Arts’ Raisbeck Hall. Sunday’s revival of The Timberline’s uberpopular Sunday Tea Dance was a huge hit with lines around the block and hordes of fans who welcomed the return of a beloved club that has been gone for nearly a decade.

In fact, it was so popular that the event producers, including the charitable recipient for the event, the Seattle Men’s Chorus / Seattle Women’s Chorus aka Flying House Productions, plan on bringing the event back on Sunday, August 10th for Timberline Revisited II: Electric Boogaloo!!!!

Mark those calendars…and, keep your excitement levels high by checking out Some Lovely Photos from this Sunday’s event, courtesy of Doug McLaughlin!


Raise that Ball!!!! Photo: Douglas McLaughlin



Let that sun shine in! Photo: Douglas McLaughlin

TimberlineRevisted LIne Doug McLaughlin

Lining Up Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Raising the Banner. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Under the Midnight Ball…at 6 pm. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


DJ Magic!!! Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Big Ball in a Big Box Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Reliving the “good ole days” Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


So happy…. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


More lines of eager beavers. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Daytime Realness w/Mama Tits and Miss Robbie Turner. Both ladies are FAAAAAAAR too young to remember the old Timberline. Can’t believe I wrote that with a straight face… Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


Walk on me. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin


More hordes. Photo: Douglas McLaughlin

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