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Facebook Backs Down In “Real Name Gate”: To Apologize...

September 26, 2014 Comments Off on Ello will never be your Lord & Savior Or Salvation From The Satanic Facebook Views: 1639 News, Public Soapbox

Ello will never be your Lord & Savior Or Salvation From The Satanic Facebook

'Ello, goodbye.

‘Ello, goodbye.

Just a few weeks ago, everyone and their mother in the performance scene of Seattle were getting their panties in a wad over Facebook’s legal name policy, vowing to fight the fight against the big bad wolf. Flash forward to this week and you can see that mostly all of those people have ran away with their tails under their legs to yet another social media website named Ello. It’s the cool, hip, circle jerk thing to do right now.

Ello is a beta social media site that has absolutely no privacy settings at all, but that apparently doesn’t matter to the people that were beating their chests about Facebook’s privacy infringement. They get to use their stage name though, so they’re all sorts of happy. Ello’s format itself is basically the bastard lovechild of Twitter/Tumblr and it’s hilarious to me when people declare, “I hate Twitter and I hate Tumblr, but Ello is a cool replacement to Facebook, I guess.” Wait, what?

In case you’re living in an alternate reality, Facebook is a part of the zeitgeist and is never going away like MySpace did. Facebook changes and adapts, whether its users like the changes or not, where as MySpace just stayed the course on a boring plateau. It’s far too engrained into our society at this point. Ello is really only catching on in the Pacific Northwest and sporadically in some cities across California. Let’s just say that in a perfect world, all of the LGBT people actually leave Facebook in a huff and a puff: Ello will just be a gay island and gays bring the drama.

Have fun with that!

So, I guess I’m just wondering where all the protesting went. If you cared so much to make a big stink against Facebook, why back down when the going gets tough? Why throw down your torches and pitchforks? And, why the hell are you updating what you did, are doing, and will do on Ello if you hate Facebook so much? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

By all means, transfer all of your precious information that you didn’t want leaked out onto the Internet to a website that has absolutely no privacy control. That totally makes sense. We could go back to, y’know, fighting for things that matter. Like, continued equal rights not only for the LGB’s but our trans* brothers and sisters. That does make sense to me.

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