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October 29, 2014 Comments Off on All-Girl Arm Wrestling Awesomeness for the 10th Year! Views: 1522 Arts & Entertainment, Fundraisers, News

All-Girl Arm Wrestling Awesomeness for the 10th Year!

All-Girl Arm Wrestling Event

All-Girl Arm Wrestling Event

Ladies, it was a sincere honor and pleasure to watch you all THROW DOWN in an epic show of strength! The Tin Hat was a packed with the lot of you, and I’m sure you did DAWN proud!

Ah, the Tin Hat on a Monday. Normally not that big of a deal. But this time? Security at the door like it was a weekend. All bartenders on deck. And where did they put all the booths to make way for the arm wrestling tableau?

As of 7:30pm, at least 28 out of the 30 available slots were filled for wrestling sign-ups. Raffle tickets were bought by the dozens, and the drinks were pouring like it was the end of times. The matches started at about 8:15 or so, complete with a dry erase board for tournament standings. Let me tell you, it was the epitome of AWESOME to see a packed bar cheering on the buff ladies with rabble-rousing, sportsy catcalling and smack-talking! One of the matches even featured two of the Tin Hat Cocktailers Extraordinaire, Shelbe and Nikki. Shelbe even made it to the finals while still working behind the bar, that little badass! My own match lasted a whopping 10 seconds, thanks to my spaghetti arms. Ha!

Smoking outside, it was also really great to see all the guys who’d come to support the participating women. Some were regulars, others came with their lady friends, and the rest just came for the show. Whatever the reasons, everyone knew where the proceeds were headed: to DAWN, or Domestic Abuse Women’s Network. Few causes are more worthy to have fundraiser that displays the strength, brawn, or sheer sportsmanship attitudes among females.  

I can’t speak for Tin Hat, DAWN, or any of the organizers, but I will say I got a case of the feels seeing so much fun had for such a great reason. Thank you to the local businesses who donated prizes for the raffle, thank you to the Tin Hat staff for being amazing people, and thank you to all of the women who competed. I’ll be wearing my t-shirt proudly at work.

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