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Skate Like a Girl: Why Our Daughters Live in Seattle

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Seattle was the sheer number of not just skaters, but females on skateboards. How cool is that?? Seeing a chick on a board, having fun rolling down a hill, while reading, is honestly the awesomest thing ever. 

I’m thinking Skate Like a Girl has something to do with that. Far better than Take Your Daughter to Work Day (which is now non-gender specific), this org does more for our community than just teach girls to skate. They teach teen women and young adults how to pursue their career goals through the Youth Employment Skateboarding Program, by way of CPR & First Aid training & instruction, resume writing, job interview skills, and general life navigation. Basically they fill in the pieces where schools may fail.

Anyone can learn confidence with athleticism, but skateboarding is unique. It’s another male-dominated field, but women like Lizzie Armanto and these fine women are making strides across the world doing what they love and helping young women feel like they can take on anything they put their minds to. Without the pressure, bureaucracy, and annoyance of team sports. There’s something about using your body to its limits (e.g. boxing, martial arts, military boot camps, etc.) that creates an empowerment many of us try to find our whole lives. And that’s where the confidence to take on life comes from.

Besides the Youth Employment Skateboarding Program, SLAG runs summer camps, after-school programs, Ladies’ Skate Nights, and provides gear and instruction to any girls willing to learn. The teens in SLAG also provide free instruction to girls 12 & under. That’s why their event Girls That Shred is important. Whereas everyone else has galas, SLAG will be holding this event in a much more RAD environment: The Vera Project, an all-ages venue in Lower Queen Anne. This Friday the 16th, go meet some wicked ‘boarders amidst a lineup of femme fatale musicians! We will be treated to the sounds of Katie Kate, Tangerine, and chick rockers Thunderpussy will be there! The Peeping Tomboys will be doing their last performace together, sadly.

Merch will be given away as well! Skateboards, gear, clothes, and swag have been generously donated by sponsors like Sub*Pop Records. At 7pm, bring at least $15 with you (or whatever you can afford) to benefit the young women of this fine city. Because of reasons! I could go off on an emo bent here about how important and awesome it is that someone out there is making sure girls feel as empowered as possible to make the world a better place and all, but that’s so 2014. This is an all-ages event, so feel free to bring your daughters, neices, and cousins!

Yanno what would be awesome? If Skate Like a Girl, Rat City Rollergirls, and Reel Grrls all did a huge girl power event at Seattle Center some day…Just sayin’.

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