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Blackheart Burlesque Brings on the Badasses!

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Photo: Suicide Girls


You’re the hot lez/bi chick reading this while getting the 23rd tattoo on your arm, or filling in a huge back piece. Or you’re the wommon with her, offering a funny story of a botched piercing. Your hair is shaved just so, and dyed a non-“natural” color (according to your workplace). And fuck those clowns who dare call you “hipster.”

If you’ve gotten sick of merely seeing hot women like that walking down the alleys and picturing them much more nude in your head, Suicide Girls’ Blackheart Burlesque is here for you this Saturday the 4th!

At the Showbox downtown, get your burlesque fix for a paltry $25. Expect the hottest inked girls with more than a smattering of nerdosity (not to be confused with nerdlesque). And get there early so you can see said ink as up-close-and-personal as possible!

Suicide Girls has been around for almost fourteeen years, providing a much-needed pin-up/empowerment outlet for the alterna-girl set. Just about everyone can appreciate a badass chick who’s not afraid of her body and of showing the art she’s put on it. The Girls are touring around the continent with their Blackheart show and getting rave reviews.

In Seattle we can get our burlesque just about anywhere, so this is your chance to see a different set of performers from all over the country. If you miss Saturday’s show, it’ll be in Vancouver, BC, on Monday.

You’re welcome. 

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