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April 14, 2015 Comments Off on Floptina Aguilera flops again with another flop single on ABC’s #Nashville Views: 3711 Arts & Entertainment, Celebrityville, Music

Floptina Aguilera flops again with another flop single on ABC’s #Nashville

Christina-Aguilera-tendrá-un-cameo-en-la-tercera-temporada-de-NashvilleIf there is one powerhouse diva that I wish would return to absolute prominence, it is Christina Aguilera. After two album flops, she is slowly starting to release her newest attempt by debuting a new single ahead of her appearance on ABC’s hit drama Nashville this Wednesday.

One of two new tracks that the 34-year-old singer is releasing to coincide with her story arc on Nashville is “The Real Thing,” which isn’t entirely a country song. There’s a certain rock edge to it, with some pop and country mashed together. It is nice to listen to, but it doesn’t give me the same “yassss” type feeling as her songs during the 2000s.

Hell, I even loved the critically and commercially panned Bionic album that hit the airwaves in 2010. I suppose I just had high hopes and was optimistic that she would rightfully claim her throne again alongside Beyoncé, but I’m beginning to assume she’ll remain a Court Jester for now.

Maybe her second single, “Shotgun,” will be more dirrty?

Listen for yourself and sound off with your opinion(s) in the comments.

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