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Be a Nerd for a Cause As “Battlestar Galactica’s” Hottest Stars Benefit The Humane Society


Tricia Helfer as Six.

Tricia Helfer as Six.

GUYZ!! Are you suffering from severe Battlestar Galactica withdrawal? The EMP’s awesome exhibit not enough for you?

Believe it or not, REDMOND of all places will have your fix this coming Sunday the 19th! If you’re not too hungover, head down to the iPic theater in Redmond Town Center for a special BSG two-episode screening. The whole theater will be shut down for this special event, complete with a light continental breakfast, photo-ops, and autographs with KATEE SACKHOFF (feminist fave Starbuck) and TRICIA HELFER (everyone’s fave sexy cylon). EEEEKK!!

“33” and “Downloaded” will be the episodes shown on the big screen. Haven’t we ALWAYS wanted an epic show like BSG in true theater format? But be awake—show time is at 9am. Hosted by Acting Outlaws, you may also ride with the star of your choice on Saturday the 18th for their Tulip Ride starting at Blazing Bagels (Redmond) at 9:30am. Sons of Anarchy stars Kurt Yaegar and Chris Reed will also be among your options to ride along with. VIPs may choose to dine with the ladies Saturday night. What do awesome badass ladies eat? Find out with your donation!

ICYMI: Sackhoff is creating her own show on SyFy. She’ll be writing, executive producing, and starring in Rain, a dystopian future show about the consquences of humans being stupid destroyers of Earth, as seen through the eyes of a soldier. Yay!

Six’s red dress is currently at the EMP “Infinite Worlds” exhibit. And you can’t tell me that you weren’t all waiting for Starbuck to come out…like the ENTIRE series. Amirite??

Limited tickets are still available, but grab them quick! Your $50 donation will benefit the Seattle Humane Society.

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