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ERW Endorses Banks Over Kshama And The Stranger Fumes

October 11, 2015 Comments Off on Come Out, Come Out!!! Views: 2383 *The Strangeways Report, News

Come Out, Come Out!!!

© Keith Haring Foundation

© Keith Haring Foundation

Don’t be scared!

It’s National Coming Out Day! If you’re reading this and you’re not out…


BUT, make sure you have a support system of some kind! If you’re underage or in a situation where it could be  dangerous for you to come out, then make a safe plan for a better time to come out!

If you’re in the closet for something relatively dumb like you’re a famous actor and you’re nervous you’ll only make $2m a year instead of $10m a year, then you need to escape your money stuffed closet.


Closets are for attractively fashionable clothes, accessories, and shoes!


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