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Mr. Strangeways & His Favorite Things At SAM: Remix

October 31, 2015 Comments Off on Have A Happy (And, Safe) Halloween!!!! Views: 3275 Halloween Gay Seattle, Living, Stuff to Do

Have A Happy (And, Safe) Halloween!!!!

Our Queen, Karen Black!!!

Our Queen, Karen Black!!!

It’s wet and dank and slippery out there…be careful tonight as you burrow your way around in dark corners and crannies!!! There are nasty things lurking out there! Take EVERY precaution!

Maybe, don’t do things ALONE….travel in packs! Safety in numbers! Four in the club IS more fun than one!!! Maybe bunk with your buddies instead of everyone trying to navigate home alone and in the dark moistness of Capitol Hill!!!

If you STILL need help in deciding WHERE to go for Queer Halloween Fun Seattle Style, then it behooves you to check out the Calendar of Horror!

Or, just stay home and watch THIS classic starring the Patron Saint of Big Acting, Miss Karen Black (may she rest in peace!)!!!!!

Scary hugs to all!

Even the monsters and the trolls….

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