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Lest We Forget: Trans* Day of Remembrance 11/20

“Right now we’re experiencing a Dickensian time, where it’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times at once,” says transgender rights advocate Masen Davis, who formerly ran the Transgender Law Center. “We’re seeing a marked increase in the public awareness about transgender people and really incredible progress for trans rights, especially from a legal perspective. At the same time, we still represent /and are part of a community that experiences incredibly high rates of unemployment, poverty and violence.” ~Time, 8/17/15

Even with Laverne Cox and Janet Mock leading the trans* charge towards understanding of trans* people, rights, and issues, we know we have a long way to go.

Just like gay and lesbian youth have historically faced, trans* people across the USA are routinely experiencing poverty, joblessness, discrimination, suicide risk and actions, and hate crimes. The celebrities, for all their worth, are lucky to have escaped with their lives.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is this Friday, the 20th. Simultaneous events will be held at 7pm at City Hall downtown and at St. Hilda & St. Patrick Episcopal Church in Edmonds. For the City Hall event, “We will remember and celebrate the lives of the trans* persons who were taken from us because of bigotry and hate. Captain Smartypants (an ensemble group from Seattle Men’s Chorus) and Diverse Harmony will provide music. We will remember and celebrate the lives of transpersons at Neighbors after the ceremony,” according to the Facebook page.

There will be another chance to attend on the following day, the 21st, also at two venues. Ravenna United Methodist Church in Seattle and First United Methodist Church in Bellevue will hold theirs again at 7pm. All events will feature music, vigils, and light snacks.

No one in need deserves to be cast out. Remember beautiful souls, and love one another.

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