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Rumor Mill: Alaska Thunderf*ck Headlines Cuff Pride // Is Robbie Turner Bailing On R Place?

We love good rumors.


Er….Rumours, I mean.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

We also lurve us some LOCAL rumors. Like the one that fan favorite, the crazy talented Season 5 RPDR runner up ALASKA THUNDERFUCK is the big headliner for The Cuff’s annual Pride Sunday Street Party on June 26th. I mean, they haven’t ANNOUNCED anything yet, but….

Alaska does have it on her Facebook Concert Calendar:


Yes…this is what passes for “investigative journalism” now…hunting down leads on drag stars performing at drunken gay pride parties.



The other rumor I dare print (not the scandalous one over the famous local triad trio “thrupple” who are breaking up…so far it SEEMS civil but if feelings get hurt. Just sayin’…) THE OTHER RUMOR I DARE DISCUSS is about our beloved local Season 7 RPDR gal pal, Miss  Roberta Turnblad, aka Robbie Turner. The poo is, she’s leaving R Place as a regular weekly performer and “spreadin’ her wings”.

Again…rumor mill stuff but it wouldn’t be that shocking. Most RPDR gals get enough gigs nationally to warrant chucking their home bar….at least for awhile. It makes financial sense for them to NOT be tied to a local lower paying gig when the new media starlets can snag bigger bucks out of town and starrier, higher profile gigs in bigger venues. There are vague rumors Miz Robbie is taking her “Robbie Turner Revue”, the semi quarterly variety show she does at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe, on the road, though we don’t get the logistics of doing that…it’s a big show with a big cast and tours cost $$$$. Most stars quickly figure it out that you need to be a solo/duo to make any money in the drag/cabaret world. Most venues just pay a lump sum at best or a cut of the door. If you have to share $3k with 8 other people in the show….es no bueno.

Poo is, expect to hear an announcement SOON about both these “secrets” and who’s supposedly replacing the Turner at the R place….no, it’s NOT Hooch!!!

Some other clown….

Who knows?


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