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Pride Sunday: Parade // PrideFest // Cuff Street Party // MORE!!!

George Takei (middle) with Mama Tits and Brad Takei, Pride 2014.

George Takei (middle) with Mama Tits and Brad Takei, Pride 2014.

There’s a few other options but for most of Gay Seattle it’s a yearly tradition for how they behave/where they go/what they do on Pride Sunday. Here’s how it breaks down:

Non party folks who didn’t stay out all night/Families/Allies/Grown Ups: Go To Pride Parade then Seattle Center for PrideFest then home to collapse in tearful pridey exhaustion.

16 to almost 21 crowd: Maybe go to Parade; Go to DJ/Fountain Stage at PrideFest and dance their asses off. Also: a considerable amount of vomiting.

cuff Seattle Official 2016 Pride Poster.

Gay Men Over 30: A few will go to Parade but most are too hungover to attend; Go To Cuff’s Pride Street Party.

Gay Men 21-30: A few will go to Parade but most are too hungover to attend; A few will go to Cuff; many will go to Pony; quite a few will sleep all day and get up in time for a “night cap” at Pony/Mad Pub/Eagle/Diesel/Purr but not CC’s because they’re closed today so staff can go celebrate Pride themselves. (Yay to CC’s!!!)

Most Lesbians: A few will go to Parade but most are too hungover to attend; Go To Wildrose’s “Bush Gardens” Pride Street Party.

Certain LGBTQ People Over The Age of 45: Go To Parade/PrideFest/Cuff/Wildrose then Complain. “Sigh…Pride was so much more fun back in 1995/1990/1985/1975/1775 before it became so ‘corporate’….” and “Sigh…we should never have moved Pride off the Hill….” and “Sigh….I miss all the sex I used to get 10/20/30 years ago at Pride back when I was hot and pretty…”

Jaded Cool People: Have a “Pride” brunch at home with friends. Make fun of all the above groups for participating in Pride. Plan late summer trips to Vancouver BC Pride, Burning Man or that Dream Vacation bicycling through Provence. Worry about Brexit fucking up their portfolio.  Proclaim love for “Bernie” but then bitch about paying property taxes. Contemplate having “work” done.

Geeks: Maybe go to Parade. Walk through PrideFest and get a “DingleBerry”. Go home and watch season ender of “Game of Thrones”. Go online to complain about season ender of “Game of Thrones”.

Mama Tits Fans: Complain bitterly about the fact that Seattle Pride was stupid/petty enough to not bring the drag star/activist back as Seattle Pride Parade Mainstage host this year despite the fact she saved their bacon in 2014 and put Seattle Pride on the map when she stood up to the anti-gay protesters that year.

People Putting On Pride Events: Pray for Monday to get here so they can collapse.




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4 Responses to Pride Sunday: Parade // PrideFest // Cuff Street Party // MORE!!!

  1. Jamie L. says:

    Mama Tits is a self centered hasben grasping for straws. She didn’t save anything or anyone. Asking for thousands of dollars to do a job you should want to do for free is not exactly indicative of the spirit of Pride. Check your facts, you bitter old man.

  2. Michael Strangeways says:

    Uh, who said anything about “asking for thousands of dollars”?

    So, apparently you’re some troll friend of some “insider” and you’re helping them out by spreading your trollish bullshit.

    Oh, and it’s “hasBEEN” not “ben”.

    And, many people volunteer to help put on Pride events….which is awesome. And, professionals are PAID for their time including people AT Seattle Pride and PrideFest. Including George Takei, our celebrity grand marshal two years ago.

  3. Michael Strangeways says:

    Also, Jamie, we’re a bit confused as to why you think the most successful drag performer/producer in Seattle, who hasn’t been on “Drag Race” is a “has ben”… this is based on what exactly?

  4. Michael Strangeways says:

    Also, do you and your boss Chuck work for free for Seattle Pride?