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Stopping Police Violence Against People of Color


Two shocking murders of black men by police officers within the last couple of days (in separate cities) have provoked more anger and more calls for a nationwide effort for reforms in policing especially in regard to acts of violence against the black community. Alton Sterling was shot to death in Baton Rouge, LA on Tuesday and Philandro Castile was murdered in Minneapolis, MN on Wednesday. Both men’s murders were recorded as bystanders used a cell phone to record Sterling’s shooting and Castile’s death was captured on video by his girlfriend who was present when he was shot.

Outraged Americans took to social media this week to protest these murders and demand an end to excessive police violence primarily directed towards young black men. Locally, Seattle residents can (and should) express their opinions to Mayor Ed Murray via phone or email. 


And, for actual solutions to the problem, check out the CAMPAIGN ZERO website which succinctly breaks down the issues and offers workable/viable solutions to end the violence including:

  • End Policing of Minor “Broken Windows” Offenses
  • End Profiling and “Stop-and-Frisk”
  • Establish Alternative Approaches to Mental Health Crises
  • Establish effective civilian oversight structures
  • Remove barriers to reporting police misconduct
  • Establish standards and reporting of police use of deadly force
  • End traffic-related police killings and dangerous high-speed police chases
  • Monitor how police use force and proactively hold officers accountable for excessive force
  • Require independent investigations of all cases where police kill or seriously injure civilians
  • Increase the number of police officers who reflect the communities they serve
  • The Right to Record Police 
  • Invest in Rigorous and Sustained Training
  • End police department quotas for tickets and arrests
  • End the Federal Government’s 1033 Program Providing Military Weaponry to Local Police Departments
  • Remove barriers to effective misconduct investigations and civilian oversight

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