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DEA Still Hates Pot…Meanwhile, Ponder Offers Up Delicious Anniversary Specials


So, the idiots at the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have spent the last five years thinking about whether or not to reclassify marijuana.


I mean, were they stoned? Why the hell should it take that long to make a decision?

We digress…

Currently, pot is listed under “Schedule I” which totally bans any and all use including medical. The hope was, the DEA would wake up and smell the doobie and figure out it’s not 1968 anymore and move pot to Schedule II, which allows medical use.¬† But, the DEA being the bureaucratic asshats that they are, rejected the petition, despite mountains of evidence supporting the need for changes in federal drug laws and the fact several states, including our own Washington State and neighboring Oregon, have made pot use legal.

So. Gawd. Damned. Annoying.

Of course, it does make some twisted sense that the agency in charge of policing pot would resist efforts to decriminalize it. What sound thinking pencil pusher is going to do anything to endanger their job?

Meanwhile, the rest of us in civilized parts of America will continue to enjoy the benefits of responsible marijuana consumption. Some of us will undoubtedly want to exercise our state held rights by visiting our local pot purveyors…in our case since they’re a returning sponsor, the fine folks at PONDER over in the Central District just down the street from that OTHER weed shop in the former space where they used to make the greasy grinders.

PONDER is turning One Year Old this weekend and to celebrate, they’re having an ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR, with all sorts of specials, this coming Sunday, August 14th from 11 am to 11:45 pm at their shop at 24th and Union. (21 and over naturally…) We think it behooves you to support your electorally given right to responsibly indulge in the herb AND support one of our advertisers.


Meanwhile, we’ll continue to support the fight to have the DEA change their archaic TINY little mind.

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