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Mark Your Calendar I: Mykki Blanco/Cakes Da Killa At Neumos In February


Lotsa interesting music announcements happening…the first one you need to be aware of is the MYKKI BLANCO and CAKES DA KILLA show scheduled for Neumos on Monday, February 27, 2017. You can grab tickets HERE. Mykki and Cakes are both rising stars in the ever growing Queer Hip Hop movement that plays with both genre AND gender.

This is also an all ages show so  a great opportunity for the under 21 crowd to get in on the nightlife action.

Neumos Presents:
Mykki Blanco – The Stunt Queen Tour with Cakes Da Killa

8pm doors || $15 advance || All ages, bar with ID

Mykki Blanco (born Michael David Quattlebaum Jr) is a writer, activist and international performing artist. In 2010 Quattlebaum first began making crushing industrial punk under the moniker No Fear before beginning a video art project that would grow to be the glamorous riot grrrl rap of Mykki Blanco.

In 2012, Mykki burst into the music scene with the ‘Mykki Blanco and the Mutant Angels’ EP. Later in 2012 Blancodropped the seminal ‘Cosmic Angel Mixtape’, that featured Mykki’s first wave of hits ‘Wavvy’, ‘Haze Boogie Life’ and ‘Kingpinning’.

On May 21, 2013 Blanco released his second work ‘Betty Rubble: The Initiation’ EP. In January of 2015 Mykkipartnered with !K7 to create her own imprint DOGFOOD Music Group, a label that aims to give voice to underground artists that share her vision and “transcend conventional cultural boundaries / constructs.” The first DMG release titled C-ORE, a new compilation project, was out on Sept 18. Mykki is currently working on her solo album.

Quattlebaum’s persona Mykki Blanco began as a teenage girl character for a YouTube video in 2010, but evolved into a musical and performance art piece. Blanco’s name is inspired by Lil’ Kim’s alter ego Kimmy Blanco.His influences include Lil’ Kim, GG Allin, Jean Cocteau, Kathleen Hanna, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, Marilyn Manson and Anaïs Nin. He is also inspired by the riot grrrl movement and queercore, namely the director Bruce LaBruce and the drag queen Vaginal Davis.

Blanco has been called one of hip hop’s queer pioneers, although he does not identify with the label of “gay rap” or “queer rap”. Blanco also disagrees with those who portray him as a drag artist, saying “You can’t tag me as the rapping transvestite. I never vogued in my life. I’m from a punk and Riot Grrrl background.”Blanco is self-described as transgender and multi-gendered.

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