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Women Will Save The World



A toast to ALL women on #internationalwomensday

AND, there is a Women’s March in Downtown Seattle this evening to honor women/fight for women’s rights.

Fight Trump’s misogyny and bigotry! Come rally for women’s rights on March 8, 6pm, at Westlake Park!

Join me, the courageous and international known feminists Pussy Riot, Shaun King from the Injustice Boycott movement and the New York Daily News, Nicole Grant of the Martin Luther King Labor Council, Nikkita Oliver from Black Lives Matter and the No Youth Jail movement, Morgan Beach and Ruchika Tulshyan from the Seattle Women’s Commission, Terri Lindeke of National Organization of Women Seattle, Tiffany Hankins from NARAL, a TBA speaker from Planned Parenthood, and more!

“The massive women’s marches of 21 January may mark the beginning of a new wave of militant feminist struggle. As a first step, we propose to help build an international strike against male violence and in defense of reproductive rights on March 8,” wrote the leaders of the historic Womxn’s Marches against Trump’s misogyny and bigotry, which made for the largest day of protest in US history.

Let’s take this call to action seriously and build for powerful rallies and actions on March 8, International Women’s Day! Join me and hundreds of activists for a rally at 6pm at Westlake Park, and a march afterwards.

Trump can be defeated. But we need to continue to build our united movement of the 99% independent of corporate politicians. We also must prepare for the mass nonviolent civil disobedience that will be necessary to defend and expand our rights, and defeat the right-wing!

*NO funding cuts to Planned Parenthood! NO restrictions on abortion rights or access!
*Single payer health care to make health care affordable to all women and the LGBTQ community!
*Tax the rich for free high-quality childcare and paid family leave for all!
*No Ban! No wall! No ICE raids and no deportations! Full civil rights and legalization for all immigrants!
*Protected right to unionize!
*Build towards strike and protest action on May 1 to defend unions and the rights of working women!

This event is co-sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. County Labor Council, the Transit Riders Union, the Seattle Women’s Commission, UAW Local 4121, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Students, the Family Residency Advocacy Coalition of Seattle, and the Office of Councilmember Sawant.

#StandWithPlannedParenthood #MyBodyMyChoice #ResistTrump #BlockGorsuch #EqualPay4EqualWork

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