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Spectrum’s First Performance of the 2017/18 Season Is Friday

Program #1
The first performance of the 2017/18 season: 
BRINGING IT HOME – an intimate sharing of performance and process, formal and informal at the Spectrum Dance Theater Studio
OCCURRENCE is modeled on the Merce Cunningham EVENT,
described as “presented without intermission…consist[ing] of complete
dances, excerpts of dances from the repertory, and often new sequences arranged for [a] particular performance and place, with the possibility
of several separate activities happening all at the same time.”
Discover new, complete, excerpts or rediscover previous 
highlights from Spectrum repertoire, possibly all at once.
For dancers and choreographers ‘home” is the studio.
Join Spectrum Dance Theater in our Madrona Studios and be a part of our Fall Studio Series and experience the place where the work is envisioned, created, choreographed and rehearsed; the place where creativity, exploration, risk-taking, emotions, insights, and discoveries happens.
It is a liminal space, full of possibilities and varying degrees of disruption.
Click here to see an in-studio rehearsal preview of what may occur

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