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Gay Minnesotan Runs for Franken’s Vacant Senate Seat

Husbands John Mason and US Senate candidate Nick Leonard who is vying to win the seat vacated by Al Franken representing Minnesota.

Husbands John Mason and US Senate candidate Nick Leonard who is vying to win the seat vacated by Al Franken representing Minnesota.e

Interesting…a married gay man is running for Al Franken’s vacated US Senate seat in Minnesota’s special election. but, the Human Rights Commission, the gay advocacy/lobbyist organization has endorsed Senator Tina Smith who was appointed to temporarily fill the seat following Franken’s forced resignation in January of this year after he was accused of sexual harassment.

Smith, who is not gay, was endorsed by HRC’s Chad Griffin last week but the actual gay man running to win that seat isn’t giving up. NICK LEONARD and his campaign have just announced he is capping all individual campaign contributions at $50 which the campaign calls an “Unprecedented Step in Effort to Get Big Money Out of Politics”.

The 45 year old lawyer, activist and business man is billing himself as “Minnesota’s newest progressive US Senate candidate”. If he were to be elected, he’d be the first out gay man in the Senate…as opposed to the closeted ones of the present and past. Leonard has been married to his husband John Mason since 2015.

Fun Fact: Nick Leonard is from Walnut Grove, Minnesota which is familiar to fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie books and 1970s television show. Though only one of the books in the series was set in the small Minnesota town, the entire 10 year long tv show was mostly set in the town, which was all shot in Southern California. Leonard played “Willie Oleson” as a youth in the town’s annual “Little House” pageant.

More on Nick Leonard’s campaign financing reform:



With Al Franken’s Vacated US Senate Seat Up for Grabs Via Special Election, MN’s DFL Primary Takes on New Tone as Leonard Campaign Takes Unprecedented Step in Effort to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Minneapolis, MN – (April 2, 2018) – Today Nick Leonard, DFL candidate running in Minnesota’s special election to replace Al Franken’s vacated U.S. Senate seat, announced that his campaign is capping all individual contributions at $50. Leonard is challenging newly appointed incumbent Tina Smith for the DFL endorsement.

Nick Leonard’s run for the U.S. Senate could prove to be both historic and groundbreaking in the history of American politics: in addition to the bold progressive step of “capping” individual campaign donations, he would be the first openly gay man to serve in the U.S. Senate.

In making the announcement, Nick’s campaign launched FIFTY, the campaign’s commitment to keep big money and influence out of politics while providing greater and equal access to the political process for more voters of all income levels. The campaign also announced it will accept no corporate PAC money.

“When political campaigns, processes and decisions are so heavily influenced by big money, far too many people are precluded from the opportunity to participate in the political process, including running for office. FIFTY is about leveling the playing field for all people. Votes, not money, are the basis for a fair and equitable democracy, so we committed to a $50 cap ensuring voters can afford to invest in that process no matter their income,” explains Leonard. “Any and all contributions of FIFTY are as influential and important as the same FIFTY commitment from the likes of supporters like Warren Buffett, Oprah, or Ellen DeGeneres. We like to talk about “getting the vote out”, yet until we engage voters on a level they relate to, big money will continue to influence the political landscape while deterring the average person from participating in a meaningful way.  The average person is tired of it, andFIFTY is our way of proclaiming “politics as usual” is no longer acceptable … I guess you could say we’re just not buying it anymore.”

Raised in the rural, small-town of Walnut Grove, Nick Leonard has deep Minnesota roots, complimented by a classic high-quality Minnesota education and possesses the dedication, experience and ability to represent Minnesota. Throughout his life, Leonard has been a community builder and an advocate for civil rights. As a lawyer, he has represented clients of all walks of life, from advocating for individuals’ civil rights to protecting Minnesota’s largest companies’ patent rights. As an entrepreneur, Leonard has sought business opportunities to create communities and bring people together. Leonard, an untiring community leader for over 30 years, and in the tradition of a true Minnesota progressive, is committed to building strong relationships through fair and open dialogue to pass laws that will address discrimination, sexual harassment and oppression.

The campaign will host an event to launch FIFTY at Moxy Uptown, 1121 W. Lake St., MinneapolisThursday, April 5 from 5:30 – 7:00.  For more information contact Stacy Bettison / 612.807.6337


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