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Capitol Hill Art Walk Teams Up With PrideFest For Monthly Event

Art: Jordan Christianson at Salon Bar-

Art: Jordan Christianson at Salon Bar-Kon

You have even more reason to check out this month’s Capitol Hill Art Walk since once again they’ve teamed up with Seattle PrideFest to showcase art by LGBTQ artists at many (but not all) venues participating in the event.

For a full map and list of participating venues, go to the Capitol Hill Art Walk website. Here are a few highlights to look out for:


Salon Bar-Kon

PrideFest art spot! PRINTS CHARMING. Jordan Christianson invites you to the world of print and pattern design through his own unique lens; testing the line between the tasteful and the tasteless. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jordan is Designer and Couturier to its diverse entertainment and performance community. His work has been showcased internationally in galleries and museums, stages, pages, and screen.



Pareidolia: new work by Bridget Sexauer. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to an image or a sound by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists, such as seeing the man in the moon or hearing voices within white noise. Bridget’s paintings were inspired during her time working on board the M/V Golden Alaska, and is the result of putting a female with a tendency to anthropomorphize everything she sees in an engine room with no shortage of beautiful corrosion and industrial aesthetic.


Art Cave

PrideFest art stop! Come on down. Hats and Shirts with iconic images created by David Johansson. 5-9, under The Factory, corner of 10th and Union. Many paintings to see too!


Aria Salon

PrideFest art spot! Wine soiree and group art show, 5:30-8 pm. Featuring renowned photographer Kevin Westenberg who will be auctioning a beautiful photograph of openly gay singer, songwriter and composer Rufus Wainwright. Kevin Westenberg is famed for his creation of provocative and electrifying images of world-class musicians, artists and movie stars for over 25 years. All proceeds from sales will go to The Lambert House
Adam Burke: Photographer/Charcoal Artist, featuring various works focusing on male forms.
Talcott Broadhead: Gender Identity watercolor and pencil illustrations
Keith Johnson: Photographer, trans and gay culture subject matter.


Blue Cone Studios

PrideFest art walk spot! Guest artists Robert Johnson and Bacchus are helping Blue Cone celebrate Pride with abstract photography and outsider angst. Studio artists Meagan Hall, Mark Meuller, Carolyn Hitt, and Julian Peña join dj thad wenatchee with art vibes and good times. 6-9ish. Look for the Blue Cone!


Cloud Gallery at Frame Central

PrideFest art stop! June/Pride group art show featuring all queer art! Opening reception 6 – 9 pm.Image is of Thundercloud, spiritual leader and artist and gallery namesake.


Creatura House

Extending our “Le Carnival Des Animaux” show at Creatura through June, but we have a extra mini show opening as well! “Dark Decadence” is an exhibition of turn of the century (20th) posters that depicted the depravities and vices of the time. Works alternately warning and extolling Absinthe, Syphilis, Alcohol, Strange Subversive Art, The Grand Guignol Horror Theater of Paris, not to mention hot babes luring you to a BAD END will be on view and available at the show. Thanks to our friends at Century Guild.



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