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Washington State To Offer 3 Gender Options On Driver’s Licences

It’s coming! Washington State is taking the next step with inclusive rights for residents to choose gender options on their state issued identification. Governor Jay Inslee just announced this in a piece he wrote for Coming very soon, you’ll have the ability to choose M for male, F for Female or X to indicate non-binary on your Washington State driver’s license. This follows the state’s change for birth certificates where X is now an option as well, which went into effect in January of 2018.

The change to state i.d. will create consistency with birth certificates. Currently, 16 states offer the X option: Arkansas; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Indiana; Maine; Massachusetts; Minnesota; Nevada; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; Oregon; Utah; and Washington DC.

From the Medium article:

A sample Washington driver’s license shows the gender X option in the red oval. (Photo courtesy of DOL)

Elayne Wylie, co-executive director of Gender Justice League, holds a megaphone while marching at Trans Pride Seattle 2019 this June in Capitol Hill. (Photo by Andie Trosper Deroux)

Currently, 16 states allow residents to mark M, F or X for a gender option. Hawaii passed the change most recently in July. DOL could implement the gender X change for Washington as soon as October. (Office of the Governor graphic)

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