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Homophobic “Karma” Boat Blow Up Happens In Moses Lake,Washington

Oh, my! The big meme making the rounds today is hashtagged, #KarmaIsReal and features some apparent cosmic retribution. A family in Moses Lake, Washington was enjoying the lovely weather on Sunday with a boat ride when they were harassed by another boat full of idiots shouting gay slurs because the family’s boat had gay rainbow flags flying from it.

Then, moments later, the Bigot Boat caught on fire and subsequently exploded! The people on board managed to jump off prior to the explosion and were rescued by the people they had been mocking just moments earlier.

The poster is named “Cosmic Robbie” on their social media account which identified them as “BIPOC” and a Trans and Queer healthcare professional living in Moses Lake, Washington in the central part of the state in Clark Grant County and about 177 miles east of Seattle. “Robbie” posted the video which was apparently taken by their brother. If you go to the Twitter page, there’s more photos of the incident.

KXLY TV from Spokane reports that the Grant County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the incident.

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One Response to Homophobic “Karma” Boat Blow Up Happens In Moses Lake,Washington

  1. Ande Harwood says:

    Moses Lake is in Grant County. Lewis County is in SW Washington.