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Big Little News Adds More Wine For Holiday Gift Giving

Photo by Tanner Mclaughlin

Just in time for Seasonal Holiday Gift Giving 2022, Capitol Hill’s Big Little News will magically morph into the BIG LITTLE HOLIDAY BOTTLE SHOP on December 1st.

The popular newstand will continue selling over 250 foreign and domestic magazines and coffee table books in addition to the added stocks of beer, wine, champagne, gifts, and other goodies at its shop at 1102 East Pike Street in the heart of Seattle’s LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

More poo!

Featuring 100 different wines, champagnes, and spiritless bottles ranging from $15-$200, all in a one-stop shop. 

Bottles will be available in-store only, and Big Little News will be stocking special reusable wine carriers for patrons to haul their bounty home. 

Some of the wines that will be on sale:

2021 Division “Musical Chairs”

Natural Oregon white blend, Muller, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewürztraminer. Velvety, salty blend mingling multiple grape varieties that’s right for all seasons. Playful and bright and everything nice. This mellifluous mingle of blanc grapes flows out of the bottle and into your glass for immediate lip-smacking approval. As ever, the amazingly talented Minneapolis-based artist Ashley Mary captures our playful fun in a bottle perfectly!

Parigot & Richard “Quartier Libre” Extra Brut, NV, 750ml

Ripe notes of yellow apple on this wine’s nose have a zippy touch of lime. The palate also combines richness and liveliness, energized by frothy bubbles. Underneath it all, saltiness entices you to sip again and again.

Stella Crinita Barbera 2019

This hand-harvested, single vineyard wine is 100% Barbera from the Demeter-certified biodynamic estate vineyard in the Vista Flores region of the Uco Valley. Notes of blackberries and boysenberries wrapped in rose petals, violets, and tobacco lift up out to the nose. This leads into layers of ripe cherries and blackberries mixed with coriander, cardamon, and mushrooms on the palate and soft, plush tannins with medium acidity holding up the backbone. A long finish persists with dark fruit and floral qualities.

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