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It’s Election Day 2022…VOTE!!!

Today is Election Day 2022 in the United States and it’s so very important that you get out and VOTE! It’s vital for LGBTQ+ folks and their allies to get out the vote to not only protect our equal rights but to make sure we have elected officials in office that are fighting for ALL human rights.

Particularly important this year is fighting to retain control of the U.S. Congress. Democrats and Republicans are currently tied in the Senate and have a tiny majority in the House and are in grave danger of losing control of both Houses.

If you are registered to vote and have a ballot, you have until 8pm to drop off your mail in ballots to a designated ballot drop off box in the State of Washington. For King County, go to to find your closest drop off box.

If you’re not registered to vote you can actually still do it today by visiting a King County Voting Center before 8pm. Again in King County, go to to find the closest Voting Center to you.

In other counties, just do a Google search by inserting the name of your county and “ballot drop off” or “voting center”.

Remember, you have until 8 PM, Tuesday, November 8th!!


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