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Chief Curator at the Seattle International Film Festival, CARL SPENCE is leaving the organization.

SIFF’s Chief Curator Carl Spence Steps Down

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$25k Gets You Some Photo Love With Hillary At The Paramount

It's good to be the king...

It’s good to be the king…

WE didn’t have to pay $25,000 for a photo with our pal Hills…as besties, we frequently like to “hang” with each other as we shoot the breeze and shop for pant suits online.

The rest of y’all will need to whip out your checkbooks to help get Hillary Clinton elected as the next President of the United States. Mrs. Clinton is popping into Seattle on the afternoon of Friday, October 14th for a fundraiser at Seattle Theatre Group’s gorgeous Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle, exact times to be announced later.

A generous donation of $25,000 will get you face time/photo opp with the former Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady and preferred floor seating at the Paramount plus you get listed as a “Co-Chair”


If you’re strapped for the $25k, a mere $2700 gets you a good seat, too.

Po’ folks have options too. $250 will get you a seat in the balcony and a chance to gayly wave at HRC across the gaudy expanse of the Paramount.

Here’s all your options. If you can’t attend, you can still donate to the HRC Victory Fund to ensure she defeats the Orange Menace come November.

RSVP here! Options:

Co-Chair: $25,000 per individual includes a photo with Hillary and preferred floor seating
Champion: $2700 includes preferred floor seating
Fighter: $1000 includes floor seating
Advocate: $500 includes preferred balcony seating (limited availability)
Supporter: $250 includes balcony seating
Champion Table Captain: Contribute or raise $27,000 and fill 10 seats
Fighter Table Captain: Contribute or raise $10,000 and fill 10 seats

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