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Not too early to start planning for New Year’s Eve 2010!

I know we still have to get through Christmas, but New Year’s Eve is less than two weeks away…have you made plans? We’re working on a New Year’s Eve calendar, but in the meanwhile, here’s an option or two to consider…

Photo: Kevin Kauer/Nark

FRINGE is coming back for a special, New Year’s Eve engagement at The Eagle with a cast of usual, (and super talented) suspects including L.A. Kendall, Tony Burns, Nark, Jackie Hell, Amoania & the Sh*tbags, ArtStar, Caressa Dick and your hostess, Jinkx Monsoon. (Oh, and some Super Special Secret Guests, too!)
AND, you can also expect:

Facepainting galore by ALISHA MAHONE
Endless $2 Jello shots delivered straight down your windpipe
Fluid-inducing Go-Go’s boys and girls
Costume freebies for the first 100 people in
Glamour/Tragedy shots by Nark Magazine
Make-up smeared make-outs (if you play your cards right)

Located at The Eagle, 314 e. Pike Street
10pm-3am, 21+
Includes Party Favors and Champagne Toast

Discounted pre-sale tickets available at The Eagle starting Saturday 12/11

There’s also an After-Party Event that continues the night of fabulousness at Chapel, (Melrose & Pine) for the official Fringe/Grime Soul & Funk Afterparty with DJ’s BlueEyedSoul and General Meow. Your stamp from Fringe will get you into this event for half-price ($5). These are some cost effective deals; so many NYE events are EXPENSIVE!

You have difficult choices to make, because there’s also the super special edition of Comeback, put on by Marcus Wilson and Company, that will turn Chop Suey into Ground Zero for NYE frivolity. They’re calling it “A Paris is Burning Fantasy Fete” and it will feature the return of Colby B. (newly transplanted to NYC) and DJ Porq and they are promising to bring you a “non-stop runway Xplosion of hi-fashion, low-morals, Xtreme fierceness, and glamour with a capital GAY!!!” The night will also feature guest emcees Ade and Normanda and guest dj Freddy King of Pants as well as the obligatory “Special Guest Appearances!” (crossing my fingers for Tom Skerritt!!!!) and there’ll be trophies and prizes for costumes, walks and “shade”. (Oh, and a Glamour Shot Photo Booth to record your fabulousness!) It’s also a bargain: $10…what happened to the days of $25 to $50 tickets to NYE events? We don’t miss them!

Even more economical: the special NYE edition of Cherry! at Re-bar. These tickets are only $8 in advance ($10 at the door) and that’s a great deal for area Ladies Who Love Ladies as well as their Gentlemen Friends Who Love Gentlemen. Cherry NYE features the DJ Superstars Amateur Youth and Dewey Decimal and the usual amounts of cherry flavored outrageousness.

Satori Group

Finally, for folks who don’t enjoy drunken, obnoxious crowds there’s an artier option. The excellent Seattle theater company, Sartori Group, puts on a theater/art event, “whizARTbang” and in collaboration with The Annex Theatre, they are putting on a special New Year’s Eve show at The Annex, 11th & Pike on Capitol Hill starting at 9:30pm. It will feature:

Short Films, Sketch Comedy, spoken word, Music, Installation Theatre and More!

Featured Artists include:
-Charles Comedy
-Owen Martel
-Emmet Montgomery
-Kevin Kantner
-Elliot Trotter
-Bret Fetzer
-AND any other crazy guests who pop up!

This event is a little pricier than the others, but it features some amazing talent and the ticket price includes Champagne for Toasting. Advance tickets are $17 and $20 at the door. Dinner will be served starting at 8pm but is NOT included in the ticket price; if you are interested in the dinner portion of the evening, contact Satori Group at for location and info for the dinner.

We’ll be back soon with MORE New Year’s Eve options!

– Michael Strangeways

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