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May 23, 2011 Comments Off on “The Muppets” has a trailer out…it’s stupid. Views: 1022 Hollywoodland

“The Muppets” has a trailer out…it’s stupid.

Uh, you’re doing a big, splashy new Muppet movie and your trailer chooses to focus on Jason Segal and Amy Adams?


Amy Adams is lovely and Jason Segal is barely tolerable but who CARES about the HUMANS in a Muppet movie? We want to see the Pig, the Frog, the Gonzo and the Animal!

Also, Janice ’cause she’s awesome.

And, if you’re going to have an actor from “How I Met Your Mother” why not hire one who has talent, charm and charisma? IE: Neil Patrick Harris…also, he can sing and dance. And, he’s funny. And, doesn’t show his penis in stupid films. And, he’s not Jason Segal.

Such a moronic trailer.

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