Just announced: Grammy winner Thelma Houston joins PrideFest concert...

Seattle PrideFest Kick-Off Event is next Thursday, June 2...

May 24, 2011 Comments Off on BETTY joins Crystal Bowersox and Thelma Houston for PrideFest’s Concert for Equality. Views: 4401 Seattle Pride 2011

BETTY joins Crystal Bowersox and Thelma Houston for PrideFest’s Concert for Equality.

Amy Ziff, Elizabeth Ziff and Alyson Palmer are BETTY!


One Degree Events and Seattle Pridefest have just announced the final headliner for “Concert for Equality” the Saturday, June 25th concert being held at Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheatre as part of PrideFest 2011. Joining “American Idol” star Crystal Bowersox and music legend Thelma Houston will be the beloved BETTY, the Riot Girl pop/alt band that has been making music together for 25 years and maybe best known today for their title song to the equally beloved Lady Loving Lady Showtime television series, The L Word. And, remember that the concert benefits Equal Rights Washington and their push for marriage equality.  100% of net proceeds will be donated to the organization.

We have to say that One Degree has come up with great events for PrideFest 2011…the event gets better and better every year and happily, the years of turmoil and money problems seem to have leveled out and Seattle is getting both a well run Pride Parade, from Seattle Out and Proud, and an amazing festival with PrideFest put on by One Degree. Hopefully, the endless bitching and moaning about moving the main Pride events off Capitol Hill is finally over. And, considering the fact there are events ALL over the city for Pride this year, including many, many events on the Hill including the Capitol Hill Pride Festival, the Dyke Rally/March, Pride Picnic, the Red Parties and the street events put on by various bars, there’s plenty of stuff to do on the Hill.

As for the “Concert for Equality”, we love the line-up…nice mix of talents with the popular young country star, Crystal Bowersox pleasing the kids and the out of towners;  a living legend from the Seventies/Eighties, Thelma Houston, for the older disco/r&b loving folks and a crowd pleasing Riot Grrrl band for the ladies and fans of alt/pop music of the 80s/90s. I’m gonna carp a wee bit though and wish they had booked at least one MALE headliner for the concert…where’s the Beefcake?And, whatever happened to those hints they might get someone from GLEE?!?!? I was hoping Coach Bieste was coming to town…or, at least a “Warbler” or two.


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