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September 23, 2011 Comments Off on Fancy Mud from Le Frenchword at the Annex. Views: 1296 #Theater and Stage, Arts, Arts & Entertainment, Stage

Fancy Mud from Le Frenchword at the Annex.

Le Frenchword gets "muddy" at Annex Theater.

Creation and destruction of all things. The similar and existential oneness of everything both simultaneously miniscule and macroscopic; the ultimate definition of unfathomable concepts and in particular, what every one of us has questioned since the first sentient being cast about in wonder: “What is life? What is this fancy mud?”. The Annex Theater holds the key in a rare glimpse of what lies beyond the threshold of understanding.

‘Absurdist’ theater trio Le Frenchword step up to provide a lecture / demonstration on experiential mind teasing, game changing navel gazing. Examining this ‘fancy mud’ we call life, they are the perfect messengers of insight to illuminate the profoundly unanswerable question (the ultimate question). This is the territory of gifted clowns who exist both as physical representation and pallets of surreal design. To tackle impossible themes while revealing how in the very act of asking, the uniquely human trait of curiosity…is absurd. Using very human tools of analogy and impressionistic manipulation, bending ungainly gobbilty-gook into palatable, chewy concepts while also daring to ask further: “How do we, as masters of creation also reconcile our place as dust motes?”. The perfect pitch of humor and horror are spun to tasty perfection. Cheeky, demented, prolific, fiber-optic smart. This is an act of the purist theater. Where, upon a bare stage with minimal lighting, out of absolutely nothing you witness the creation of everything. To call Le Frenchword ‘Absurdist’ is to flirt with paradox. The massive theorem of relativity quivers under their tickling. These three are purveyors of magic and are under-the-radar super stars. I haven’t been so inspired since Cherdonna And Lou threw “It’s A Salon!” last year. This is a must see/gotta get it now event. Through the 24th of Sept. at Annex.

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