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RAW-Q: “Advanced Gay” Shangela LaQuifa Wadley is featured in this week’s Community Episode, Thursday Night

Move over, RuPaul, there's a new queen hitting NBC Prime-time! Hallelo!

That’s right, she’s back and it seems no one can keep Shangela off the map! This Thursday night the sassy queen, Shangela LaQuifa Wadley, hits NBC Prime-time with an appearance on “Community”  (Thursday, Nov 3 at 8pm ET / 7pm CT) and this is of course some old news. What you probably didn’t know is that the bitch smuggled in a camera of her own to film her very own behind the scenes video and we’ve got the scope for you, so check it out!

Apparently, for this episode’s taping, there were a gazillion rainbow flags flying all around the set and Chevy Chase told AOL about the upcoming episode, “Advanced Gay”, Chase says,

That’s a pretty funny episode. Pierce has Hawthorne Wipes fans, and they’re gay. They came up to him and he didn’t know a gay from a straight, and he signed a thing of Hawthorne Wipes for them. Then he ended up with more fans that were gay … and then he came in with a different shirt one day with the name of some singer, Urbana Champaign, who’s really a tranny [played by Shangela]. Also new Hawthorne Pride Wipes that he was releasing. [Laughs] The sales will go up seven percent!

-Chevy Chase, in an interview with AOL

Shangela on the set of "Community". Wait, does that betch have her own trailer?

Since I am pretty tight on the interwebs with Shangela I asked her what she thought of her experience taping on the set of “Community” and if she got to spoon with Chevy Chase and she responded with…

“Working on the set of Community was a comic dream come true, and trust me, if I was in the market for a sexy silver daddy, Chevy Chase would be at the top of my list. He was fun to work with and definitely down with my character Urbana.”

To make sure my fans get to go all the awesome places they’ve helped lift me to, I recorded backstage videos that I’ve placed on my website and on FB.

Also, this was my second run in with Joel McHale since RDR received a Soup Award earlier this year. A couple months back I used every contact I had at E! to get Joel to sign my award…he wrote:

DJ/Shangela, Ur awesome at dressing up like a woman! ♥ Joel McHale.

It was awesome to now be working with him as an actor…and he even remembered me. The cast was amazing. The girl who plays Brianna (Gillian) was a super fan of Drag Race and my first day on the set she screamed,

“Omg!! It’s the Nancy Drew of Drag!”

It made me feel so welcome and not like a newbie in their world.

Shangela is performing this week at Mickey’s in West Hollywood and encourages all of you to come down and support the queens. Check out her website and like her on Facebook, because I’ve got a feeling that this is not the last of Shangela. I wonder what Queer Raja is up to these days?

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