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June 23, 2015 Comments Off on Kendall’s Obsesssions: This Week Starring Shangela!!! Views: 2680 Drag, Seattle Pride 2015, Seattle PrideFest

Kendall’s Obsesssions: This Week Starring Shangela!!!


Every year when I approach my recommendations for bookings for Seattle PrideFest, I really work hard to try and give all locals a chance to DJ or perform, at least once, at the festival. This is something that comes naturally, trying to include everybody. To the extent that it has been possible, there’s not a production I have worked on in my career where part of my job has been lobbying for this artist, or this DJ, etc. I *try* to make sure all voices are heard. When it comes to Seattle PrideFest, I feel like it’s that much more important. This is a community event after all, not a club night, or a nightclub. It’s about everybody. So inclusion is always a big subject around our collective conversations about talent throughout the festival each year.

That all having been said, I must give props to Mr. Egan Orion. He does allow me my indulgences. “WHO?” he’ll say, and I will barrage him with my vocal sell job, follow that with a litany of YouTube videos, links to articles, web pages, Soundcloud pages. Almost every time he says yes. Boulet Brothers were an example of that this year, and have had the greatest response from the community after we announced. Shangela is another. She’s not on the current cast of RPDR, how relevant is she, yada yada. These were all things batted about as we made our decisions. As usual, Egan said “let’s go for it!” Thanks E!

Shangela has always fascinated me. She seems to exude some serious, positive, southern vibes, is GORGEOUS, and girl. The death drop. Not to mention, she has transcended RRDR in her own, unique way. I mean, how many drag queens crossover into mainstream television like “Dance Moms” or “Toddlers and Tiaras”? Yes, I know these shows have a gay male following, but let’s get real, the bulk of the ratings come from middle, White-bread ‘murica. Straight people. Not necessarily educated. To me, I viewed this as super smart, quite brave, and frankly, subliminal activism. I didn’t even watch the season that Shangela was on RPDR. But when I saw her on these other shows at the homes of relatives and during family TV time, I was hooked. HOOKED GIRL.

So a few months back when I saw that Samuel Thomas, my buddy from SALT, #localqueen and Portland Queer Music Festival was bringing her to town I called him with one question: can you add me to that bill please? As the gentleman he is, he graciously added me to the bill as a DJ and I was over the moon. So incredibly happy that I was there too. I fell in LOVE with Carla Rossi and Alexis Campbell Starr (Friggin’ hilarious), caught Isaiah Esquire doin’ some serious New Orelans bounce action, and was honored to run the music for Shangela when she performed. All I can say is WHOA Seattle. You are in for something SPECTACULAR. I mean, words can seriously not express. ….and despite an injury she received doing a show last year while executing the death drop, do not fear…BITCH STILL HAS IT. LIKE A MF CHAMP, TOO. You will be amazed. (By the way, all above mentioned artists are featured at this year’s Seattle PrideFest – YOU’RE WELCOME!)

Make sure you have saved yourself a spot at the Main Stage at Seattle PrideFest on Sunday (June 28th), because when Shangela hits the stage you are going to want to watch every single minute of it. …and here’s to hoping she pulls out that 8 minute Beyonce mega mix. You will die.


I call the first pic at the meet and greet! Sorry in advance if you get an elbow to the face in my furor to get that first pic. I’ll buy ya a drink to make up for it.



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