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Coco Peru And Jackie Beat Head To Seattle’s Unicorn For Holiday Fun

The Queen of Peru! COCO!!!!

The Queen of Peru!

SEPARATELY, of course. You can’t have these two divas in the same room at the same time or they’ll rip out each other’s wig lace by the roots.

I keed. I keed. They’re besties.

(Also: that makes no sense at all…)

Two legendary Los Angeles based drag superstars are heading to Seattle in the weeks ahead for big shows at an usual venue. The deliciously dry wit of COCO PERU and the bawdier than thou JACKIE BEAT are coming to the Unicorn/Narwhal for shows in November and December and they’re both being brought to town through the instigations of our own MAMA TITS and L.A. KENDALL via their respective event production companies, Skyscraper Entertainment and Kendall’s DJ and Events. The Unicorn/Narwhal, the home of “Mimosas with Mama” the hugely popular Sunday drag brunch show starring Ms Tits, has also hosted some other one off shows produced by Skyscraper Entertainment including last Pride’s very successful “Kill Meth” Dance Party/Fundraiser with porn star Trenton Ducati and special guest, San Francisco drag diva “Ethel Merman”.

Now, Mama Tits and Kendall team up to bring Seattle some autumnal treats of the drag cabaret persuasion. The Lovely Coco Peru is first up, with her show “A Gentle Reminder: Coco’s Guide To A Somewhat Happy Life” happening Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 8 pm (doors at 7 pm) for a 21+ show at the Unicorn/Narwhal, 1118 East Pike Street on Capitol Hill.

Some more dish on Ms Peru:

Ever since becoming a YouTube sensation Coco Peru has been inundated with emails from people of all ages asking her the same question, “Coco, what is the secret to a happy life?” So, being the giver that she is, Coco wrote a new show, A GENTLE REMINDER – COCO’S GUIDE TO A SOMEWHAT HAPPY LIFE where, through story and song, Coco shares with her audience a step by step guide that leaves you prepared to enter the world again ready to create your very own “somewhat” happy life. Why just a “somewhat” happy life? Well, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to be happy all of the time because, always remember, “happy” people make such a racket…

Pre-dating the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” explosion of  new (and frequently blander) queens clogging the nation’s night clubs and cabarets, Coco Peru (aka Clinton Leupp) has spent the last 20+ years in the international spotlight as a professional drag queen comedian and performance artist by writing, directing, producing and starring in solo theater pieces like “Miss Coco Peru in My Goddamn Cabaret” as well as starring in films like “trick” and the camp classic “Girls Will Be Girls” with Evie Harris (Jack Plotnick) and Varla Jean Merman (Jeffery Roberson).

Those in the know also look out for Coco’s hilarious YouTube videos including “Coco Goes to KMart” (to look for her favorite Celestial Seasoning’s tea flavor “Tension Tamer”) and “Coco Plays Grand Theft Auto” which naturally features our heroine getting in touch with her more violent side as she kills her way through “Los Santos”…it’s hysterically funny. We really love the part where she bangs a hooker in her car.

Despite the fact it really hasn’t been formally announced, tickets for Coco’s show are selling very quickly (Go HERE!) There’s even talk about trying to add a second show that day (we’ll keep you up to date about that) so you’d be wise to grab your tickets NOW if you don’t want to miss out. It’s been a few years since she’s been to town and folks are anxious to see her in person.

Miss Jackie Beat asks the Eternal Question: "White Meat, or, Dark?"

Miss Jackie Beat asks the Eternal Question:
“White Meat, or, Dark?”

The OTHER big show guest has already been here twice this year…once to co-host the Pride Parade with Ms Tits (as a last minute fill in for an ailing Chi Chi LaRue) and then a couple months ago for a show at Julia’s. But, MISS JACKIE BEAT has legions of loyal fans eager to see the profane diva live and in person, especially for her big Holiday show, “Jackie Beat: White Meat or Dark?” on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 for a 9 pm show at the Unicorn/Narwhal. (Doors at 8 pm and 21+)

Mo’ stuff to know:

The Holidays – when one’s thoughts gravitate towards questions that Man has pondered since the dawn of time, such as “Why are we here?” “Is there really a God?” and, the most important of them all, “WHITE MEAT OR DARK?”

Join world-famous, larger-than-life drag superstar JACKIE BEAT as she marinates, roasts and cuts-up everyone’s favorite season. Just like a Turducken, this show will be bursting with deliciousness: Classic material stuffed with new songs, all crammed inside a man dressed like a lady. JACKIE BEAT: WHITE MEAT OR DARK? Not since “Sophie’s Choice” has a woman had to make a more difficult decision. ONE NIGHT ONLY IN SEATTLE between stops in Los Angeles, New York City, Hartford, Springfield, Vancouver & San Francisco. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Of course, the Lovely Miss Beat is also a well-seasoned veteran of the drag comedy/cabaret circuit with the added treat that she sings LIVE many filthy, filthy parody songs of beloved hit tunes. She’s also known for her solo performance shows, plays, films, television appearances and as one of the top comedy writers in Hollywood writing for the likes of Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr and Ross Matthews.

The holidays VERY quickly get booked up around here since EVERYONE now has their own lucrative holiday themed show, so you’d be wise to snatch tickets to “White Meat or Dark?” as soon as you can. Go HERE to obtain them.

If Miss Tits and Ms Kendall can bring these two divas to town, for their next trick they can reunite the cast of the Cher show episode with Cher, Elton John and Bette Midler.

We’d also accept drag queen/king facsimiles.

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