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December 18, 2011 Comments Off on Santarchy is the new Halloween. Views: 1374 Holiday Events, Nightlife, Some Lovely Photos

Santarchy is the new Halloween.

Yes, they have donned their gay attire... Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Yep. We have another holiday to add to the Big Gay Calendar: Santarchy! The international event featuring drunken revelers dressed up in Holiday attire and bar hopping is getting BIG! Seattle had two versions of it going on this Saturday, the official mainstream Santarchy and the more gay specific version but both converged and centered on Capitol Hill. There were hundreds of people  bopping around dressed as Santas, elves, reindeer, Christmas packages and Grinches having a Gay Ole Time. We ran into a huge horde of Gay Santanarchists at Lobby Bar and Ziggy in Seattle snapped some lovely photos. Please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

A sea of red...and two guys making out. Photo: Ziggy in Seattle.

MORE after the JUMP!

Ladies were getting in on the fun, too. Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Is this Donner and Blitzen? Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Crowd Control was mandatory. Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Lobby was packed with could smell the Xmas Spirit in the air. Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

Where were the other 75 trombones? Photo: Ziggy in Seattle

To be honest, we don't know what she is supposed to be, but she is electrifying! Photo: Ziggy in Seattle.

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