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February 28, 2012 Comments Off on Champagne, Drag Queens and Oscar Voting Views: 3049 #New Queer on the Block

Champagne, Drag Queens and Oscar Voting

Robbie Turner and Jinkx Monsoon with New Queer on the Block at Cinerama last night. Photo taken by SGN's Nate Gowdy.

I know, I know. What was I doing out of the house last night on the red carpet at the 7th Annual Academy Awards Party at Cinerama? But I needed to get out and see some lovely people and outrageous drag queens to elevate my post sick syndrome. Is everyone sick in Seattle? After arriving on the scene and walking the brief red carpet outside, a volunteer comes running out the doors asking if I was General Admission. I revealed to her that I was part of the VIP crowd, she exploded with excitement and escorted me to the front doors to get checked in and get stamped and collect my Oscar ballot voting sheet. Crap! I looked down at the voting sheet and realized I have not seen ANY of these movies. I’m screwed! The first two drag queens I see on the scene were Robbie Turner and Jinkx Monsoon and my response was…”Thank God! I’m saved!”

Just like any other awards party there were photographers, some special elite notables and other prized possessions to entertain each other and give some good setup lines for the handful of queens on the scene. But first I had to finish my Oscar Voting Ballot and so I dragged Robbie Turner into the picture to assist me with the ballot. It was fun because I was taking her suggestions with a dirty mind with the selections. I finished off my ballot with kisses and placed my vote in the box and off I went to pick up some champagne and mashed potatoes with the queens.

Robbie Turner is hungry and has found her top choice for breakfast.

My fellow SeattleGayScene crew were on the scene including Michael and Les to indulge in a vodka inspired cocktails and our newest columnist to the family, Bill Gray was on site slinging cocktails to the elite crowd. Since we get satellite cable at our house, we jetted off to catch the remaining moments of the Oscars so we can dish with commentary about the winners and the losers of this year’s Oscars. It was a great night out with some of my favorite leading ladies, but I’m glad I’m back at home with the mister in our ever-changing life on the hill.

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