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March 21, 2012 Comments (2) Views: 9369 RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4

WTF did Willam DO to get the boot off “Drag Race”?

Willam Belli IS a really cute boy! Photo: Marc Cartwright

Well, we’re all still gasping after last night’s shocking episode of  “RuPaul’s Drag Race”…not only was it just a great episode on its own, (the lie detector bit was BRILLIANT) but the night ended with two top contestants, Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara doing the “Lip Sync for Their Lives” followed by the show stopping announcement from RuPaul that neither Sharon or the bitch Phi Phi was going to sashay away, but instead, contestant Willam Belli was getting the boot from the show for breaking the rules and contract violations. No specific reason was given for the disqualification. We learned a bit more from “Untucked” which airs after the main show, and focuses on the bitchery behind the scenes when the girls go back stage during deliberation, but audiences were still left wondering: “What the Holy Fuck just happened?” And, did Willam get evicted because he puked all over the set? (More on that, in a moment.)

I need to ‘fess up that I sorta/kinda knew this was coming…I’m a sneaky little bastard and I have my sources (none of them official) and I heard through the grapevine, weeks ago that Willam was going to get the boot for “contract violations”. (Uh, I’ve also heard who the final three might be, and no, I ain’t tellin’…) Today, I’ve noticed all sorts of speculation on WHY Willem got the boot and while I don’t know for CERTAIN what the story is, I’ll spill the beans on what I’ve HEARD (which is speculation until otherwise confirmed by LOGO/World of Wonder). AND, I should point out, my sources are NOT local; they’re all L.A. based and anyone who does a little Internet snooping can find ALL sorts of dirty dish on the webs…if you enjoy spoilerage.

The chatter I’ve been seeing a lot of seems to think it might be a drug issue…I doubt it. One, if it really WAS a drug issue, I think it would have been handled entirely differently, with Willam just disappearing quietly without all the drama. Hollywood likes to keep drug problems under wraps and out of sight….that, or use it as a “Very Special Episode” teaching moment.  Willam was very curtly dismissed by Mama RuPaul…”you fucked up, you gotta go…”

But, what rules were broken? The poo I heard all those weeks ago, was that Willam got the boot for unauthorized use of cell phone/computer to contact the outside world. The contract the contestants sign require them to be sequestered during the month long shooting period…the producers do not want leaks from the set, or contestants getting an unfair advantage over other contestants by getting the dirt on each other. No phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook or Twitter postings…it’s supposed to be a SECRET until the shows air. “RPDR” typically shoots in the summer before the series airs the following winter and leaks can ruin a reality show. Last season on “Drag Race” the leak situation was so bad that the exact elimination and the ultimate winner (Raja) was making the gossip rounds while filming was still going on!

And, some people are confused by the chain of events as depicted on last night’s show…I’ve seen comments that wonder if Willam was bulemic and got the boot because of that, (which would explain the vomiting on set). Now, I don’t know if what I’m about to write is the truth, but based on the evidence we’ve been given (and the rumors I’ve heard) this is what I think happened:

Willam seemed his usual self-centered snide self as he and Latrice rehearsed for their duet number, (and, we should note,  Willam DID give the best performance in the challenge…he’s the only one of the six queens who can actually sing and sell a live number). But, the next day when he came in, he was obviously distraught and upset and at one point the camera cuts to Latrice who remarks, “Something is up with Willam…” As the queens prepared for their performances, Willam continued to be obviously stressed out and emotional.

Cut to the actual performances before the judges. Willam and Latrice shine; Chad and Dida are ok; and Sharon & Phi Phi are a hot mess, with Phi Phi’s really irritating bad singing the low point of the night. They get their critiques and head back stage to the Lounges. Now, you need to STOP watching “Drag Race” and go watch “Untucked” to follow what happens next…the tension is thick in both lounges and it largely seems directed towards Willam with Phi Phi, as usual, hottest on the attack and numerous accusations that Willam “broke the rules” and shouldn’t be there but without any specific complaints being aired. (Aw…the joys of editing!) Oddly, Willam doesn’t do much to defend himself, and seems nervous and ill at ease. And, it also appears he’s chugging his drinks down…he doesn’t seem to be looking forward to the final moments of the night, which is odd since he’s already been praised for doing a good job and he knows he’s not going to be in the final two.

Jump back to “Drag Race” and all the queens are on stage…RuPaul is getting ready to announce that Phi Phi and Sharon are the bottom two, when Willam audibly belches, looks unwell, and immediately dashes to the side of the stage to profusely vomit up large quantities of Absolut cocktails…maybe they weren’t perfected? RuPaul gives him a very terse, “Are you alright, Willam?” then proceeds with the Phi Phi and Sharon lip sync (which Sharon nailed as the irritating Phi Phi went the annoying show girl “I’m gonna tear up this stage like an animal!” route including wig removal…). Then…the Big Moment…and, RuPaul asks Willam to come up to the front of the stage for his dressing down and dismissal. The rest of the girls gasp (either they’re better actresses than we think, or they really were surprised about the boot). Willam sashays away to the Work Room and the first “Farewell” message apparently written in Santorum and bitterness. (Bitch swiffered her taint all OVER that mirror!) It was a brilliant episode of our FAVORITE show EVUH!

Here’s what I think what happened. Willam got called in on the carpet for his contract violations probably the evening before Performance/Elimination Day. We can assume the producers told him, “You’re out of the show for breaking your contract but we’re kicking you off the show ON AIR and you’d better go along with it, or your name will be mud in Hollywood…” Now some of you are probably asking “WHY did Willam go along with that? Why didn’t he just say ‘Fuck You’ and immediately leave the set?” Well, I’m thinking if this had happened to any of the OTHER contestants in “Drag Race” history that might have happened…what would the consequences be for Victoria Porkchop or Tatianna or most of the other past contestants if they had fled the set? Nothing. They’d go back to their drag clubs and continue doing their thing, lip syncing to Pink and Whitney and Madonna until they’re bald and incontinent.

But, the lovely Willam Belli is an ACTOR with SAG and AFTRA cards and a bigass list of credits on IMDB. Girlfriend has been making a nice living for the past few years playing “Dead Tranny Hooker” or “Comic Relief Drag Queen” on numerous tv shows and films. Mr. Belli doesn’t need word to get out in Hollywood Studio Land that he’s a deadbeat flaky bastard that doesn’t honor contracts and non disclosure agreements. He’s a working actor, not a star…bad word of mouth will kill a career faster than the reputation of a cheerleader with herpes. It’s a deal breaker.  It’s obvious to me that Willam KNEW he was getting the axe that night. It explains his nervous, twitchy behavior; the defeatist attitude AND the nerve induced puking. The poor thing KNEW he was going to have to be publicly humiliated if he wanted to continue playing the Hollywood Game. (And, possibly, he also knew the ultimate publicity over all this could eventually be beneficial to his career…do you think it an accident he released a new video the day he was to be ousted from the show? No, dear…)

Well, that’s MY take on the WillamGate/RPDR Controversy 2012. It’s all conjecture based on rumor and observation, so take it for what it’s worth…though, I’m ALWAYS right…(Wink)

I’ll leave you with this…I’ve heard who MIGHT be the Final Three and I won’t spill the beans but I will say this…there’s rumors going around that the audience MIGHT have a hand in picking the winner. Whether that means some sort of vote, I do not know. OR, it could mean that they finished filming last summer without NAMING the winner…Survivor does it that way; they film everything up to that point then reveal the winner live on tv. Not sure if LOGO has the money/power to do that, but they certainly would be smart to NOT crown the winner until very close to the airdate. Less chance of leaks that way.

We all know our Drag Sisters have BIG MOUTHS!

PS…thank the gods that Willam is gone, because I’m TIRED of having to spell that name!



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