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June 11, 2013 Comments Off on La Visage and Downton Abbey… Almost too much… Views: 2923 Comedy

La Visage and Downton Abbey… Almost too much…


That, my friends, is how you wear a corseted dress.

Gentle reader, if you know nothing else about me by now, you know I loves me some Downton Abbey and I love Michelle Visage, and I love Willam Belli and I love a whole bunch of other stuff, BUT! This little video, currently running on Funny or Die! nearly made my brain explode – and if you love any of the things I just mentioned, you will probably love it too.

But, to the authors of the song, and I’m sure you’ve already heard this, it’s actually produced by ITV in the UK, not BBC. </nerd>


Snore (Downton Abbey) – watch more funny videos

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